Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies
..... are 38 homeopathic prepared plant and flower remedies, each one specially devised to treat a different feeling. They work by stimulating the body's own capacity to heal itself, by balancing negative feelings, helping you to take control, feel good about yourself, and get more out of life.

The following are some affirmations associated with those remedies, and while you might not be taking any Bach Flower Remedies ....
you may simply find a following affirmation that you can connect with right now, and take with you for strength, and inner peace.

Red Chestnut
(over-concern for the welfare of loved ones)

Each person's fate is determined solely by Divine providence
My inner core is positive, at peace with the world,
and in balance
The gifts I have to present to the world are unique

(self-centredness and self-concern)

The joy of giving is the same as receiving
My inner self is steady and secure
Divinely inspired joy awaits me at the appropriately deemed time
I commit myself to my joyous pre-destiny, and go with the flow

(living in the past)

Life is exciting, dynamic, and ever changing
I am part of the here and now
I am focused on the present dynamics of life

(dreaming of the future without living in the present)

I am integrating my inner being with the world around me
I focus on the present to clearly perceive my path
Divine creativity inspires me
I participate

Rock Rose
(terror and fright)

I am a child of the Universe -
ever cared for and looked after
Universal protection and healing flows towards me
I am mind, body, and Spirit
Life's trauma's cannot violate my inner core

(mental torture behind a cheerful face)

My inner self is calm and at peace
I am appreciating the negative aspects of my life,
for the lessons I am learning, and the growth I am achieving
I am integrating all aspects of myself -
working towards harmony

(the plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion)

Happiness will fill me with strength and energy
I am filled with Divinely inspired strength and stamina
My goals will be achieved

White Chestnut
(unwanted thoughts and mental arguments)

I am in touch with my calm, centered, Inner Self
Through a peaceful disposition,
my intuitions will give me the solutions
I leave restricting concepts behind


I am a unique individual - I honour myself just as I am
My errors contribute to my learning and greater understanding -
as the mistakes that others make are their stepping stones to higher learning also
The Universe focuses not on judging, but encourages greater understanding

Cherry Plum
(fear of the mind giving way)

I don't allow constrictive concepts to control me
I am open to Divine Guidance
Universal Energy is at my disposal
I am following my life's purpose


Peace reigns within myself and my relationships with others
I can see the other persons point of view, and they can see mine
I perceive positive growth in all things
I am humbled by the infinite Wisdom of the Universe, that is becoming clearer to me.

(hopelessness and despair)

Hope springs eternal. I am part of Life
Life is a predetermined positive growth opportunity
Each day has a new positive prospect

Wild Oat
(uncertainty in one's direction in life)

My true vocation in life is predetermined and Divinely inspired
I am calm, at peace, and centred -
letting my inner voice direct me to my predetermined vocation
My vocation is service that fits into the Universal plan

(discouragement after a setback)

Life's difficulties are only Divine challenges
They are presented for learning and personal growth
They help to strengthen me

Chestnut Bud
(failure to learn from mistakes)

I am alert and ready for the experiences and lessons in life
I am perceiving my lessons more clearly -
I am learning more quickly
My inner core is at peace, ready and willing to serve

(tiredness at the thought of doing something)

I am finding pleasure in life
I am listening to my intuitions -
letting them take me where they will
My being is filled with regenerative energy

(the inability to say "no")

I am a self determining individual responsible for My own life
I am listening more and more to the Universal inspiration -
that is directing My life
I am strong and inviolable

Sweet Chestnut
(extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left)

The Universe never gives me anything I cannot handle
The Universe supports me through All
My inner core is strong and centred, and doesn't yield to negative challenges
There are things to be learned in the darkness as well as the lighter moments of life

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