Thursday, 17 June 2021

7 Simple steps to creating a full time income online

One thing I know for sure in life is, I love things that are simple.

It seems that when things are over complicated we can put things in the too hard box and then not bother doing them.

Running an online business is simple and doesn't need to be complicated.

There are several steps that you can follow.

Why re-invent the wheel if we don't need too.

Many have travelled the road of setting up businesses before, they have done the late hours, the hard yards, so we can learn from them.

Interested in learning how?

Click on the link below and get your complimentary PDF

Making negatives into positives

 So right now the world is looking a bit sad, a bit scary and it has rocked us.

So how do we do the fluffy thing and find something positive about it all?

Why should we even bother looking for anything positive?

Well there are many reasons.

In every situation whether we want to believe it or not, there are positives.

Maybe things have been hard for us for so long that we can't even see the 

But they are there.

Have you ever bought a new car and then looked around and noticed how 
many of them are on the road?

Have you ever bought a new cell phone and then when you look around lots 
of people have that same phone?

What we choose to look for will be what we find.

Imagine looking for the positives, where ever the negative is, flip it, what is the 
positive to that?

Try it, what have you to lose?

Positive thinking makes us stand proud, our posture is better, our self esteem is 
better, our outlook on life is better, we want to try things, we find pleasure in small 
things, we notice what a wonderful world we live in and we become grateful for what 
we have, whatever that might be.

So I challenge you today, to look out for some positives around the situation we all 
find ourselves in at this time.

Like a butterfly ... we can flex our wings


Sometimes it is safe to stay inside our comfort zone,

After all we know what to expect,

We might have lived there a long time.

But what is there was more experiences for you just outside you comfort zone?

What if expanding your comfort zone a little could give you other options?

What would you have to lose extending your comfort zone just a little?

I reckon it is worth a look.

If you had a dream what would it be?


Burnt out mum with a dream

 It is tricky being a mum and keeping up with everything.

Our kids ages are spread out from 12 years to 26 years, and we are grandparents too now. 
From time to time we also foster children.

I remember really having a loss of identity, 

As soon as you become a mum, life as you know it is gone.

Washing, dishes, feeding the tribe, house work, school drop off, school homework and 
then full cycle of doing it all again.

One of the things I have always loved is to learn new things, I can remember that baby 
brain feeling, and then after that the feeling of just wanting to do adult stuff again, talk to 
adults and for me I wanted to learn more things and make money.

I started my personal development years ago, I always liked the idea of learning about 
myself and about others.

I then decided against what seemed like all odds to start a business that worked around 
my children, I didn't want to lose time with them, I wanted both, to work on something 
I was passionate about and show up for all the kids events and be the mum who dropped 
the kids to school and picked them up.

I worked hard while the kids were at school and then relaxed when they got home. It was 
a win win.

I have always been on the look out on how to simplify this even more, working less hours 
for more return and being able to do my own thing during the day like the bush walks I love 
to do

You know the other thing I struggled with, 

was finding like minded people, people who want to live in a high vibe state and not be 
dragged down. 

I remember going on trainings and I loved it and then when I left the training room I felt 
like I had left the tribe.

I wanted that feeling of those high vibe people around me more,
you know those people,

who inspire, who hold you accountable on your dreams, who uplift you and believe in you 
more than you do at times.

I found that tribe, I love them, and with that came the opportunity to be part of a fantastic 
online community building an authentically you on line business.

There is so much uncertainty in the world and I love that I have different ways of having 
streams of income.


If this resonates with you, click on the link below. Nothing to lose, lots to gain.

Who are you keeping in your circle of friends?

Have you ever looked around and noticed the personalities of those in your closet circle of friends.

I bet you have heard that saying that you become like the 5 people who you spend the most time with.

I have looked around at various points of my life, and thought I might need to rethink where I allow my time 
and energy to go.

I think we have all probably done that.

We have all probably had those friends who can only see the negative.

I am often asked where I get my energy and motivation from.

It is simple, I surround myself with like minded people.

People who see the good, the positive, they encourage you with your dreams, they support you. Those 
people are priceless.

This year I decided to search even further, and found myself a super upbeat community. 

A bunch of people just like me who inspire me, hold me accountable when I feel like giving up, and generally 
cheer me along to be my best self.

I love that, I get so much value out of that, because it enables me to do what I love best,
and that is to help others achieve their dreams.

Effective communication

 We can all agree that communication is key, but it sometimes goes wrong.

I remember thinking I was great at communicating until I did an NLP course 15 odd years ago. 
I had quite an awakening and realised that I wasn't that great at communicating at all. I probably liked
to tell people my story and my version of things, according to my model of the world.
Since then I have made it one of my personal development learnings for myself to continue to up
level myself around communication. Effective communication is key.
In business this can be so damaging, if you get communication wrong. 
Here are three tips.
1. Think about what it is your want to communicate. What message are you trying to get across to
2. What mindset are you in? Have you had a bad morning and feeling ticked off? If so, it is probably
not a good time to start communicating something important to someone.
3.What mindset are they in? Is it possible you need to think about your timing,  your pitch to them, so
you can build maximum rapport so you can smoothly get your message across.
Communication is key and it can either enhance or damage relationships.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Someone asked me today what I actually do?
I said I go with the flow and what ever takes my fancy.
Today I had a wonderful day out with family, opp shopping, breakfast out, visited friends, it was lovely.
Then I came home and did a few hours on my online adventure.
I listened to a podcast about how we put ceilings on what we feel we are entitled to in life,
What if there was no ceiling, what if you could just go after whatever it was you dreamed of?
What if you tried something out and hated it, you still tried it out and now you know it is not for you.
What if you tried something out and it was the pivotal thing that changed your life, that would be pretty cool.
As long as we sit in our comfort zone the same result will follow, we grow outside our comfort zone.
and when you think about it, who set the rules on what we can and cant achieve in our lives...usually the rules we work to in life are those imposed on us by others, and if we never challenge them, then in effect we are living by someone else's rules.
I am looking for someone who is keen to go out of their comfort zone and potentially rewrite the rules of success.
Join me ... check out the complimentary webinar

Monday, 4 January 2021

Calling out to all the burnt out mammas

As we enter 2021, how are you mums feeling?

Maybe burnt out?

maybe like you haven't had a holiday even though you have?

Possibly part of your new years resolution might be checking out this powerful complimentary workshop for mums.

The 3 keys to going from a burnt out mumma to living a life that feels so good everyday

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Calling all coaches and healers

This might be the most exciting thing you have read for a while.
So many myths are surrounding those being coaches.
I was stuck in the mentality that to be a great coach I needed to be one on one with clients all the time.
If I do the maths, seriously how many people can I coach in a week.
For me the numbers didn't stack up, I wanted to talk to more people, coach more people, empower more people.
Also for me, I need to be empowered myself, super passionate about what I am doing and how I am doing it.
Maybe this might resonate, maybe the feeling of working hard all the time, trading time for money, feeling exhausted yourself, but seeing that bigger picture in the world, of those people that need the magic of coaches helping them, we are risking burn out, simply because we are drawn to help others.
Join me for this sensational workshop to show coaches another way of
* working with more people
*spending less time doing it
*using the magic and life experiences we have to help others
*having work life balance on our own terms
*all this while helping so many more people.
I worked hard, traded time for money, then I found an amazing way of doing things differently.
I want to share with you,
A complementary online workshop starting1st December. LETS END THIS YEAR ON A POSITIVE BANG. I want to help much more, and I can, and I know I can impact many more people, and if this resonates with you, so could you. Click the link below and join me A must see for coaches to uplevel

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Conscious and Sustainable living workshop - complimentary

Just chuck the rubbish out the window of the car, no one will see,

I remember being a teenager and this was the mentality,

who cares? someone will pick it up.

30 years on and

our world is in crisis.

The amount of rubbish we create in the world is out of control.

Our family are often at the beach picking up other peoples rubbish now, or doing road side clean-ups on our rural roads.
We live at the beach, the rubbish blows off the wharf and into the sea. It makes me feel sick to think what we are collectively doing to this world, and we have all had a part in it in some way.

Imagine if our children can't have the life we've have? Imagine they can't swim in the ocean, already we see so many polluted waterways. I was just at a child hood family favourite beach a few days ago, I was horrified, a sign up to show you the app to download to see if it is safe to swim there. So many awesome childhood memories at that beach and now I need an app to see if it is safe to swim? If it the app says it is not, then if my family swim, we will probably get sick.

Time for action is now.

I am super proud to announce an amazing 4 day complimentary workshop that is coming up. Come and join me.

The conscious and sustainable living workshop.

How can we all move to have a more eco friendly planet?

There are four super parts to this online workshop, you can watch it live every day or catch it on the reply. Less than an hour a day for four days.

Day 1 - How to reduce our footprint, 3 basic steps
Day 2 - How to reduce chemicals in your home
Day 3 - How to become sustainable long term
Day 4 - The value of water

Click on the link below

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Conscious and Sustainable living workshop

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Calling all coaches, complimentary webclass on how to pivot in these times

I know how passionate you can feel when you are being a coach/healer

Maybe you have been a coach/healer for a long time.

Maybe you have dreamed of being a coach/healer and helping people along the way.

My vision as a coach/healer has grown over the years,

from one to one coaching, 

but it was never enough, I wanted to help more people, reach more,

so then came the workshops, I loved them, labour intensive but helping more people fuelled my passion.

My vision this year was to help 1000 people of which I have already achieved.

If you are a coach/healer , you can understand how huge that effort would be help 1000 people, at the beginning of the year I didn't know how I was going to do that.

Then part way through the year, I noticed a friend of mine was doing something interesting on facebook.

I sat and watched for a while, and then I couldn't help but reach out and find out more about what she was doing.

I knew that if I keep doing what I was doing, trying to help so many people that at some stage I would get tired off it and I really didn't want to burn out.

If you have been in that situation I am sure you will know what I mean.

I jumped on a few webinars that my friend told me about. I knew her, I knew she had good values, because you know I was sceptical and held many negative beliefs about the online space.

I drew a line in the sand and committed that this was my new way forward.

I am so grateful I did, from that first webinar I felt like I had found my tribe, I felt like I was with people who were like minded. I felt like those people were talking my language about how we honour ourselves first and then how we can help others on a BIG SCALE with less work.

And what I love the most in this platform in there is no competition, we are all there to help each other be the best we can be, we are supported and support each other.

And what I really love, is there is no BS, these coaches are 6 figure earners, they know their stuff.

My goal now, to help 10,000 people in the next year as I know I have the vehicle to do it.

I would love to offer you a complimentary web class so you can see how the way forward can look for us coaches/healers. I love that I can impact so many people, spending much less time doing it, giving me more time for the things I value in life. Join me.

Register here, no obligation

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Dam stress, it can ruin lots of things for you

Feeling totally stressed.

I know that feeling well.

The juggle with motherhood and all those other things that need to be done.

The struggle is real.

With huge credit to the way I was raised, I knew how I wanted to parent, it didn't always go to plan.

I studied while raising my children, wanting to go back to doing something important when I got some free time.

I juggled with many hats, 

trying to be the best I could.

It felt like burn out at times.

Did jobs that traded time for money and weren't inline with my passions

And then I decided to draw a line in the sand, 

I wanted change and I wanted it now.

I started along my personal development journey, 

learned more about myself and others.

I noticed a friend had started an online biz. I knew her well so I knew we shared the same values.

Even though sceptical I took a leap of faith. What did I have to lose? and maybe I could gain so much.

I thought it would be all about marketing to your friends and family, I was not up for that. 

Then I learnt it was not like that, so I said HELL YEAH, I want to have a look, as long as there is no obligation.

So I had a look and never looked back.

I am surrounded by a community of like minded people, who empower me, we aren't in competition against each other, we are with each other, we uplift each other.

Working ethically within my values and morals achieving all my dreams and goals and more.

You too can have a look.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Create your own legacy. Complimentary workshop not to be missed.

Day 3, the Legacy Shift

This amazing free workshop is all about legacy.

We would all like leave a legacy, but how do you do it?

Join us for this amazing workshop and discover how it is possible.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Bust that financial sabotage

Super excited to be part of this workshop.
Yesterday was more than super awesome.  Busting all those stories and all the BS we surround ourselves with, the things that stop us. It was about passions, our values and if our beliefs serve us or are against us.
If you missed out, you can catch up, it is Day 2 today, and today it is about money vibes. 
Have you ever struggled with money? I have.
What relationship do you have with money? is it as good as the relationship you have with your best friend?  
Super cool break throughs, if you desire money, but you don't have a place for it to go, will it come to you? 
If you treat money like it is just there and live in scarcity, then that will be your reality. 
I am super, super excited about money vibes workshop today, as am I ready to shift every more stories and change the narrative even more.
Want to join me?
Click on the link below and register now for this complimentary workshop,   nothing to lose, SO MUCH to gain x