Friday 30 November 2018

The festive season and its stresses.

As the festive seasons rolls around, it can put an added pressure on us.

The pressures can come from many places and in many forms.

You might be holding gatherings at your house for the festive seasons.

It might ignite sadness around lost ones, friends or families that are estranged. When you have some downtime have a think on how you could make that sadness a little lighter.

Maybe you are in a different country to your family, think about how you can make that easier on yourself, maybe by contact, maybe by volunteering and becoming involved with local groups that help out those on their own around this festive time.

You might feel a need to impress others with festivities or gifts, which might, in turn, put a financial strain on you.

Over 15 years of working with people I find that these next coming months are the hardest months for many and many people end up seeking help. For some, it can signify the end of a hard year, or another year lost to something.

So why put the pressure on ourselves?

Preparation is always a great tool, be prepared early for your own expectations of yourself.

What is it you need to do now?

How you can plan and make whatever your task list consists of easier?

Is there anyone that could give you a hand?

Take financial stock of your own situation and set financial limits on yourself. It is very easy to get caught up in festive season madness at the malls. Make a list of what you are needing to buy, what it is that you can afford. No one wants to be paying the festive season of for months going into a new year.

If you are hosting festivities at your house, plan early, be realistic and ask for help if needed. There is no point being the frazzled host.

Forget what the Jones are doing for the festive season, that is their business, trying to keep up or impress others will usually end up costing you financially and emotionally.

Think of your values when making festive arrangements, what is it that would make your soul feel happy? What is it you need to do to make you feel that the festive season has enriched you?

So, start planning, be realistic and remember to enjoy the simple things in life.

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Tuesday 6 November 2018


Over the years I have become a big advocate for fostering. I myself have worked with many children in care and those raising them.

There can be a huge amount of different reasons why a child ends up in care.

Holding a strong judgement on why children are in care, doesn't normally help the child.

These children struggle with identity and attachment.

Who am I if I am not with my family?

The healthy attachment process that happens when they are young is often interrupted or sometimes never happens, leaving these kids to become detached from themselves and the world they live in.

There are many ways to help kids in care without being a foster parent yourself.

In our journey, we have used friends and the community at large to help give children the opportunity to experience things they never have. You might have a farm or a unique lifestyle, you might have a collection of something, you might have a skill you could teach, you might be able to provide an aunty/uncle figure, a grandmother/grandfather figure, you might be good at sports, good at board games, there are many ways that you can help these children out without actually taking on the task of fostering them.

If you get the niggle in your heart when you hear about children who are fostered, think about what it is you could offer, often they just need time and someone to be interested in them.

Kim McNamara Life Coach Success Coach
Motivation to Succeed Coach

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