Saturday 16 October 2021

Set your child up with success strategies


What is that one thing that you can spend forever on and it not bore you?
If you had all the time, money, resources and connections, what would you be doing?
Often people will say I don't have the money, money is an easy one to fix if you are determined to get ahead. Don't let that be your obstacle, or another one is I can't I am busy raising my family.
These are excellent questions to ask yourself when you are trying to find out your passion in life. When something excites us a lot, we excel in it and we can never spend too much time doing it.
For the sake of your heart and soul it is well worth booking in a time slot to allow yourself to follow what you love. You matter too!!
Sometimes we have do to research, a great skill is to learn to put yourself out there, and ask people that are doing the same thing. Never be afraid to ask questions of someone who has mastered a skill that you would like to have. They might have some great advice and might be able to tell you some things to avoid or the things you need to spend a lot of time on. There has never been a better time to connect with like minded people, the internet gives us a chance to connect instantly to anyone in the world.
Enlist a support crew. If you want to do something different, get your friends involved to support you. Look around, who else could support you? Make sure your support crew is positive and has your well being at heart and doesn't have their own negative agendas. If the people are around you are negative and you want to break that cycle, then join a positive uplifting group online. Again, there are ways around the obstacles.
If someone in the world is doing what you are passionate about, hold a belief that you can too. Watch what they do, how do they do it? What do you like about what they do? What would you change to suit your own personal goals and your individuality?
Always have a dream, if it is in line with your values, it will be easy to follow through. You might give up on it, but make that a temporary break, and revisit your passion and then make ways to follow through again.
Create a dream board and put all those things on that you want to achieve. Make it colourful and visibly pleasing to you. Make that dream board something you love to look at. When making dream boards, you don't have to know how you will achieve something, you just have to have a vision and belief that you can, move yourself closer to that dream with micro steps, and before you know it, you will achieve your dream.
DO THIS WITH YOUR KIDS TOO, start setting your kids up to dream big and to get past limitations. I know I wanted my kids to go beyond my limiting beliefs.
You get one shot at life, you might as well give it your best shot and follow your heart and your passions.
Dream it, Believe it and succeed in it x

Saturday 9 October 2021

Spiral dynamics, depression and anxiety

This was a really cool workshop that we run. It was about spiral dynamics. Our life journey. How we start very primal, tribal, vulnerable and need family,
and how we go through a patch of rebellion in our teenage years, some big rebellion some less,
how we move to the area where we believe that some rules and regulations will help us, and for some they carry on to become the person who is successful and then wants to help others to become successful. Often that person will be involved in charities, so giving their time to help others for no return, and helping share their success strategies. They have made it and are happy to share skills.
The last part of the spiral is the person who's life work is to help and empower others for no gain to themselves. Examples of this are Gandhi and Mother Theresa.
Some people get stuck at a certain part of the spiral, maybe they are the rule breaker, maybe they follow all the rules down to a T and often life will through them a curve ball which is really an invitation to move along.
We also talked about how we can fill up our baggage on life and carry it around with us, and what baggage can you let go off, baggage can be like being in a boat hoping to power forward while dragging the anchor. Sometimes we don't realise our baggage until it is challenged. Sometimes keeping the cycle going seems safer than having to change, because change is unknown and might present as being scary.
Spiral dynamics is incredible, we can go through the evolution in our own life and then something can throw us back to tribal and family. I have used this many times in my coaching, when people have faced trauma, doing trauma coaching after big earthquakes, working with people in horrific accidents, working with people who have faced abuse in many forms, depression and anxiety. These big events often throw us back to the beginning, primal and survival.
Unresolved trauma is exhausting as you are going up and down the spiral of life.
Sometimes realising where we are on the spiral can help us understand more about ourselves, and if we are unfortunate to be thrown back through the spiral, we always need to remember that we have got through it once before, so we have the skills and the knowledge and that what is happening to us now, we know that we have moved ahead before.
For some this pandemic will be throwing people backwards through the spiral, the need to connect at basic levels, primal levels, to family and significant people around us, the need to make sure we have basics of food and shelter for our family, and as we become more confident in our status or stance, we move slowly back up the spiral.
The pictures below were from our workshop, highlighting some of the parts of the spiral.

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Get back to nature

The weather sure can have an impact on how we are feeling.

The nice weather generally makes us feel like we want to get out and about and do things.

Whether it be around our home or out and about visiting people and places.

Nature can offer one of the best stress releases.  To be able to STOP and look around, smell the aromas where we are, hear those noises that nature gives us. The smell of flower, the beauty of the nature around us, the sounds that nature gives us, the buzzing bee, the crashing of the waves on the beach.

Another wonderful stress release is called grounding, that is taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the earth. This can be a wonderful sensation and can provide stress release.  Grounding or earthling has been around for centuries. We tend to put shoes on if the ground is wet, but to walk barefoot on the morning dew, or the grass that has been rained on, can help connect us back to the earth.

Most of us tend to think things in our life are stressful, and there are many fly by night potions and pills that can be sold to us to help us feel at peace.  Getting back to nature, and enjoying nature, stopping and slowing down, to notice how wonderful the world is and how while we are so busy, the grass is still growing, the clouds are still moving, the tide is going in and out.  Nature does this all effortlessly while sometimes we just get too busy to notice.

Monday 4 October 2021

Going against the ease and flow of life

Ever felt like you are going in a different direction to the ease and flow of life?

I certainly have done this on many occasions, sometimes it is lonely,

but it is only ever lonely until you met up with the rest of the people getting outside their comfort zone and trying something different.

It becomes actually really something exciting.

I have spent years learning how to consciously go against the grain,

like leave the belief system behind and have courage and try something new,

I have jumped into things many times and people have looked at my sideways,

but at the end of the day, going out of my comfort zone brought new learnings,

ways of doing things better,

better efficiency in my day,

thriving business,

amazing people to be around,

staying true to my values,

having fun,

while being athletically me.

Sunday 3 October 2021

There has never been a better time to pivot to online business

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Saturday 2 October 2021

Are you a life coach, wellness consultant or healer?

 Are you burning out doing one on one?

With technology you might even be able to run some workshops.

Are you reaching as many people that you want to? 

Are you a visionary and want to help more people?

If you do the math, really even though being self employed your income is capped as you can only do as much work as the hours you have.

What if you had a vehicle that could take you further?

It is doable, I have gone from working one on one to working with hundreds. 

The difference is, I now have a vehicle to take me to that next level and beyond.

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Friday 1 October 2021

Pandemics and income

Momentum Mastermind

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