Thursday 30 September 2021

Belong to a platform that provides $$$$ of coaching.

How amazing is to belong to a platform that provides $$$$$ on coaching.

I have done a lot of study in my time and spent lots of money on personal development.

How cool would it be to pay a monthly fee of $99 US a month and have $$$$ worth of coaching. Have a look for 30days, if you don't like it, it is refundable.

On this platform there are always new mentors adding to the wonderful array of personal development subjects.

Inside this platform you are part of a wonderful collection of people who are there to encourage, inspire and celebrate your successes with you.

Check it out page


  • Access to our vault of high-powered training modules including Fundamentals of Marketing, Fundamentals of Sales, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Instagram, 6-Figure Mindset Training, Leadership and more.

  • Access to our entire community of conscious enterpreneurs and inspiring visionaries and leaders, it's genuinely a place to hang out, share, lead, grow and raise your frequency.

  • Access to our high converting sales funnels, 90-day mastermind, weekly group coaching call, discounts to live events, 1-1 strategy call, referral program and so much.

  • Access to our inner circle masterclasses from some of the best of best in marketing, sales, copywriting and online business.

  • Launch your business course: An incredible course to set up your business to start thriving that includes a 30-day checklist and training, money mindset, setting up your social media pages, launching your business, and more!

Friday 17 September 2021

The Uncertaintly of Lockdowns is really scary

 I have been worried with these lockdowns,

How can I have control over our future?
How can we make plans for the future if it is so uncertain?
Do you ever have those worries too?
Last year I felt like this, and I started watching a friend of mine, who was always super positive, I reached out after a while and she told me what she was up to. I was searching for something positive, because the world seemed so gloomy, and she sent me a link to join a Masterclass...
I thought to myself what is a Mastermind and why do I need one, however there was something in me searching for options, so I went on and registered.
To say it changed my life is an understatement.
And now I feel it is time to share this same opportunity...
Maybe this resonates,
I am super excited for this upcoming Mastermind.
I didn't know what it was, but once I joined I quickly figured out it was an awesome opportunity to learn how to be a personal brand and build a successful on line business. What I loved was it was explained so simply, I am no tech guru, that stuff doesn't interest me, but I had a belief I had something to share. I met an amazing team of people, and now have made some beautiful friendships at a time when we crave connection. One of those people I met was Dan, such an inspiring story.
Dan is going to be our amazing host, he is so inspirational because he walks his talk. Dan was a FIFO, fly in, fly out, working 4 weeks on and 1 week off, travelling around Australia. Besides this he had a landscape business, became burnt out and was missing so much quality family times.
The biggest thing for me in this community is connections.
Connection to amazing like-minded people who are all inspirational in their own lives.
The second biggest thing for me is I have tripled my coaching business just by learning easy tips and strategies.
The third thing. The amazing online biz opportunity. I knew how to coach but I really didn't know how to take that online. The skills I have learnt are from 6 & 7 figure earners. They know their stuff. And even if I wasn't a coach, I didn't need any background to become successful.
And then the other massive opportunity ...
Is to be able to affiliate with a high ticket item, one that is great for my health, my families health and the planet. So if working online resonates but don't know how or what to sell, then it's all here. The bonus is all the hard work is done. I didn't even know what automation and sales funnels were. I understand now the value of them but the systems are all built. I don't need to know or understand that which is a win for me...because I want to spend my time helping people.
The world needs connection right now, there is so much uncertainty that the world needs now more than ever good people to help shine their light for others.
This Mastermind is complimentary. A lot of us are in lockdown. I know it makes me think ... have I done enough to navigate the uncertainty, and for me having options and beautiful people around me has definitely made this opportunity worth while.
From uncertainty brings the option to pivot and explore.
Click on the link if this resonates. I would love to have to have you on my team x

Monday 13 September 2021

Calling all coaches



This might be the most exciting thing you have read for a while.
So many myths are surrounding those being coaches.
I was stuck in the mentality that to be a great coach I needed to be one on one with clients all the time.
If I do the maths, seriously how many people can I coach in a week.
For me the numbers didn't stack up, I wanted to talk to more people, coach more people, empower more people.
Also for me, I need to be empowered myself, super passionate about what I am doing and how I am doing it.
Maybe this might resonate, maybe the feeling of working hard all the time, trading time for money, feeling exhausted yourself, but seeing that bigger picture in the world, of those people that need the magic of coaches helping them, we are risking burn out, simply because we are drawn to help others.
Join me for this sensational workshop to show coaches another way of
* working with more people
*spending less time doing it
*using the magic and life experiences we have to help others
*having work life balance on our own terms
*all this while helping so many more people.
I worked hard, traded time for money, then I found an amazing way of doing things differently.
I want to share with you,
A complementary online workshop starting1st December. LETS END THIS YEAR ON A POSITIVE BANG. I want to help much more, and I can, and I know I can impact many more people, and if this resonates with you, so could you. Click the link below and join me

What does freedom look like?

 Ever wondered what freedom could look like?

Fast track to Freedom

Sunday 12 September 2021

3 Day Mastermind - Fast track to Freedom Mastermind


You will learn the difference between creating your own high profit offers and services compared with partnering with ones that are proven to work and convert. • Which business models actually create freedom • The difference between low ticket and high ticket offers • How to build an authentic personal brand so that you can get paid to be you • How to create a legacy wealth • How to leverage social media to create success even if you have no audience • How to actually create your dream life and business in 2021 and get really clear on what your perfect day looks like • How to be amongst like-minded people that are creating freedom businesses

Fast Track to Freedom Mastermind - 3 epic days