Sunday 17 July 2016

The middle of winter is a great time to sow some seeds for summer

The middle of winter can seem such a dreary down time. 

Some people really do get effected by winter weather making them feel quiet down.

I myself, are definitely a summer person, love the sun, and getting outdoors.

Often in winter I would find myself getting bored, because the things I loved to do so much were outside.

But then I changed my perception of winter.

Winter is a cleansing time, the rain washes everything, gives all things growing, the boost it needs to  carry on growing.

Winter can also be the time that we ourselves can plant new seeds. 

Instead of being focused on what we can be doing next Summer, we can think, what can we be doing right now, in the middle of winter, to propel us towards our summer goals.

What seeds can you be planting right now?

Looking ahead to next summer, what do you want to be doing?, what do you want to be achieving? 

When you have some free time, take a minute, imagine yourself doing what you dream of this summer, what does it look like?  how do you feel?  what else are your senses telling you about this dream?

Once you have imagined your dream, your brain has already seen it, so your brain knows what it is like and where you are heading.

What do you need to do to make this dream become a reality?  Who are your support team going to be?  What time line do you have on making this happen?  What reward will you give yourself when you achieve your dream?

So maybe, if you are thinking winter is a real down time, you might like to try this strategy to see forward to what you might like to be achieving in the very near future.

Take care,
Kim and Team

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Things can be sent to try us

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it feels like we are being hit from all angles?

Sometimes it can feel like no matter how hard we try, something comes along and takes us down.

Life is a real journey, and we are all on a life journey, but we are all doing it differently.  We all have different backgrounds and circumstances.

We also all have different coping strategies.

Have you ever known someone who just seems to get everything thrown at them, yet they still get up and carry on and can even be happy and smile about life.

It really all comes down to appreciation and perception.  Often we dont appreciate what we have, until it is gone.  Now is a great time to appreciate all of what we have today.

If you know someone who is incredibly good at handling stressful situations, why dont you ask them how they do it.  I am sure they wouldnt mind sharing their strategy.  More often than not, it will be that they have a different perception on life.  Their perception will be different on what they worry about and what they let go over the top of their heads. 

Guilt, Anxiety and Fear cause huge amounts of stress and can be the most damaging to our bodies.

If our minds are feeling stressed, our bodies will be feeling stressed as well.

If we take a moment, and be grateful for all we have, and then become aware of our perception of stressful events, we might be able to change the way in which we let things effect us.

Take care,
Kim and Team

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Success Journals

Success Journals or appreciation journals are the most amazing tools at keeping us feeling positive about things we can feel grateful for. 

If we take time to write daily in a journal of the great things that have happened to us through the day, we start to focus more on the positive.   It is a little like when we get a new car, once you start driving it around, all of a sudden you see lots of the same car. 

If you constantly look out for the negative, negative things will surround you thick and fast.  Like wise if you choose to ONLY focus on the postive things around you, you will attract more positive things.  Only noticing the positive gives you the edge to spend time positively and not allowing so much time to be focusing on anything negative.

We dont have to live in fairy land, as life is life, and we all have stuff that comes along and brings us down, but the more strategies we have to see those things in a positive perception, the quicker we will pull ourselves back up to a happy place where we belong.

Take Care,
Kim and Team

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The brain is geared to move forward.  Often if we become stagnant in what we are doing, we can become sluggish and down in the dumps about life.  Although we all go through cycles like this, after all we are all human, spotting the down slides and having strategies up your sleeve, can help you move through theses cycles quickly.

If we cant be bothered doing much of anything, we can really become depressed.  A good way to try and help stop this cycle, is to think of something small that you would like to achieve.  

It may seem a crazy suggestion when really you just cant be bothered, but being bothered is the one thing that will probably help you through this stage.  Being bothered and trying to make a plan on something small you would like to achieve.  Maybe just a small walk, or some gardening, or catching up with a friend, or maybe smiling at people.

You can do quiet simple things to make a mind set change, and after all that is what we are wanting, changing the mind set that has got us stuck.   Simple things can lead to simple successes, which can in turn lead to bigger things and feelings of self worth can come back again. 

So next time you are lacking motivation and just cant be bothered, just remember that you dont have to climb Mount Everest to feel worthy.  Just try some simple things, and be sure to note if they made you feel any better, add them to your success journal.

And then remember those strategies and if you start to feel that way again, you might be able to stop the spiral before it gets a hold on you.

Take Care
Kim & Team

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