Tuesday 30 June 2020

Alone time

Sometimes I think that we need to be alone,

alone to think about things, think things through,

that downtime, that enables us to get in touch with who we really are and think about where we are wanting to go,

what we have done well,

what didn't quite work out for us.

I do believe that beyond that we need people around us,

not just anybody,

but people who get us,

who are ok when we are our authentic selves,

people who will uplift us,

people who will have our back and help us push past our belief system that might be holding us back,
people who are as invested in us as we are in ourselves.

Those people really exist.
Maybe you are lucky enough to have people around you that.

I remember at times I sure didn't have those people around me.

I love that saying " You become the same as the five people who you hang around with most"

but it is scary sometimes when you check in who those five people are.

Sometimes we let ourselves slide and let the negativity in, maybe we don't know how to move that negativity on.

It is when we surround ourselves closely with those who uplift us, that we will expect the best out of ourselves.

And likewise we become the person who uplifts them and holds them to be the best version of themselves.

Monday 29 June 2020

Holistic health

Sometimes people ask me why I got into holistic health?

Like what was the turning point, coming from such a medical upbringing?

Well it goes back a long way,

all the way back to my first pregnancy.

I had pre-eclampsia, so really high blood pressure,

I had a months bed rest at home, but couldn't stop myself jumping up doing little house work jobs.

I then ended up in hospital on bed rest because of the blood pressure and swelling from the pre-eclampsia.

I went along with what the professionals said, never doubting anything.

I ended up having a premature baby, 2 months premature.

We both ended up staying in hospital for weeks,

my blood pressure wouldn't settle,

I had a sick baby in an incubator, it was the scariest thing ever.

I was told to lie on the bed and rest, as they couldn't control my blood pressure.

One day this beautiful soul, a nurse came in, with a little note in her hand.

She said this might help you if you truly believe.

It was an affirmation from Louise Hays book about how you can Heal your life.

The affirmation for blood pressure, was around releasing the past.

I believed it, but it took me a while to process that I could actually be creating stuff in my own body.

That lead me to a huge search about our mind and body and how our mind can create illness in body.

Through conscious breathing, you can control your blood pressure, through mediation you can as well, hypnotherapy too.

So people say but that stuff is hereditary as well,
and I say, 

Is it, or is it that you are recreating the same hereditary patterns?

Food for thought 

Thursday 25 June 2020

Trauma that keeps us stuck

Trauma can happen to any of us at any time. Trauma is the result of an extremely distressing event happening to us or around us.

The same trauma can happen to different people and there can be very different responses.

Trauma can be one event, or it can be ongoing events.

As trauma is caused by a very distressing event, the memories coded from that event are fully represented through all our senses.  Some senses will remember that trauma more than others.

Trauma has a way of being triggered. you may feel that you have got over a traumatic event that has happened, but a certain sound, smell, something you see, something you feel, can trigger that traumatic event like it was just happening.

When events happen to us in life, there are usually learnings we take away, things we know we will do, or we won't do, sometimes we find a lesson in the learning, sometimes we have just been caught up in a terrible event.

If we learn to manage our traumatic experience, we can then use that to become a strength to help us against any future negative experience.

As with any negative experience, the strategies we learn from coping, the strength we draw from those experiences can be used as a positive force to motivate us forward in our day to day life.

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Ever felt like you are going the opposite way?

I took this photo as it signifies to me how sometimes we can be going against the grain in a different direction.

I certainly have done this on many occasions, sometimes it is lonely,

but it is only ever lonely until you met up with the rest of the people getting outside their comfort zone and trying something different.

It becomes actually really something exciting.

I have spent years learning how to consciously go against the grain,

like leave the belief system behind and have courage and try something new,

I have jumped into things many times and people have looked at my sideways,

but at the end of the day, going out of my comfort zone brought new learnings,

ways of doing things better,

better efficiency in my day,

thriving business,

amazing people to be around,

staying true to my values,

having fun,

while being athletically me.

Image may contain: ocean, bird, sky, outdoor, water and nature

Who is in your closet circle?

Have you ever looked around and noticed the personalities of those in your closet circle of friends.

I bet you have heard that saying that you become like the 5 people who you spend the most time with.

I have looked around at various points of my life, and thought I might need to rethink where I allow my time and energy to go.

I think we have all probably done that.

We have all probably had those friends who can only see the negative.

I am often asked where I get my energy and motivation from.

It is simple, I surround myself with like minded people.

People who see the good, the positive, they encourage you with your dreams, they support you. Those people are priceless.

This year I decided to search even further, and found myself a super upbeat community. 

A bunch of people just like me who inspire me, hold me accountable when I feel like giving up, and generally cheer me along to be my best self.

I love that, I get so much value out of that, because it enables me to do what I love best,
and that is to help others achieve their dreams.

Have a fantastic day .

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Your journey to success - Online course

Super excited that my online course is now open.


Course content covers

Self limiting beliefs
Self Esteem
Stress Management
Time Management
Emotional Baggage
and Balance.

Often we can get so caught up in what the Jones's next door are doing, we forget who we are, our purpose.

This course invites you to explore past some of your beliefs and look at ways you can make things easier for yourself while getting back to your authentic self and creating the life that you deserve.

Friday 12 June 2020

90 Day Challenge

So I am super pumped,
Today I started on a 90 day Mastermind program,
with an amazing group of people who inspire and continue to uplift me.
To up level myself in every area of my life.
I want to share my journey with you,
and I ask any one who would like to come on the journey with me,
You can join me in anyway you would like to, whatever fits for you.
Follow my progress,
there will be many ups
and trust me there will be downs,
If this resonates with you and would like to join me for 90 days.

Tuesday 9 June 2020

3 tips to helping anxiety

We have all felt anxious at some time,

for some it is more than managable,

for others that feeling doesn't go away.

I would like to share 3 self help tips if you are feeling anxious.

1. Breathe slowly and equally in and out, counting 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 on a breath in and then 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000.

2. Go outside and ground yourself in nature. Take your shoes off, feel the earth, touch a tree, focus on feeling the wind, focus on the suns rays on your body.

3. Focus on a time when you felt you were in total control.

You are strong,

You are powerful,

You have got this.

Monday 8 June 2020

Are you financially OK ?

It is not always easy to be POSITIVE, especially when you’re running your own small business.

Things happening around you that really do affect the way you feel.

I know for sure, that when we went into lockdown, I started to question myself on how well we were set up as a family.

I felt that panic in my gut and wondered if I was the only one feeling this way. 

I have often heard that we become the same as the five people we hang around with most.

I started to ask myself who are my five people?

Are they the type of people who will raise me to my highest level?

I realised I needed to add to my people if I was going to survive this lockdown.

So this is what I did.

I looked at people I followed on social media, looked at different groups to find the support I needed.
I came across this amazing platform. 

The community I aligned to on this platform started to inspire me, uplift me, and guided me to show up as the best version of myself.

It’s like they were truly speaking my soul language without any ego or I’m better than you stuff.

This so important to me, because It allows me to just be me so I can give my best service to the people I’m coaching.

Which in turns helps them to make lifechanging and rewarding decisions in their own lives.

It’s been amazing finding my 5 new people actually, I found over 4,000 likeminded people.

It has not only helped me come out of lockdown stronger it has me inspired to take even more action on my mission of helping others.

It’s also given me a new skill set to add to what I’m currently doing.

For a business to grow and make real change in the world being able to learn new skill sets is crucial, it’s what has clients coming back.

I’ve had such amazing learnings since joining this platform. 

Actually it has been a great reminder of what I already knew.

I’ve had so massive personal growth too.

The icing on the cake is I’ve now also started up two new online businesses thanks to the easy step by step training provided and the high converting offers this platform has access too.

So my question to you is, did you feel like I did at the beginning of lockdown? 

Questioning yourself are we set up to get through this?

Has that feeling gone? 

If not maybe this platform is the way you too can take back some control and find your 5 people.

Email me if you would like to check out a short video that gives you an overview of everything.


Wednesday 3 June 2020

How does your belief system drive you?

Such a stunning morning,

and here I sit with a head cold,

so why I am so happy about that?

Years ago I would have felt sorry for myself,

but I know that we can create illness in our own bodies,

head colds often are a reflection of mental confusion,

so you might wonder why I would be mentally confused,
so let me explain,

we hold our belief system in our unconsciousness mind,

and for most of the day we run on automatic pilot,

sometimes we are pushed to revisit our belief system,
sometimes that might be pushed upon us as a learning,

sometimes it is a willing conscious decision to change,

change a belief system that no longer fits,

a belief system that no longer serves us as we move forward to be our best self more often,

and that is my choice,

once again, there was a belief that no longer served me, 

so I made a conscious decision to change it,

and my mind and body goes, hey what are you doing, we don't like change, we like same ole same ole,

so as I changed my belief, then came the cold,

and I celebrate, because I know I just nailed shifting a self limiting belief.

So I am grateful for my head cold.

And if you would like to break any old patterns, reoccurring cycles, reach out,

it is my passion to see people live their best life.