Tuesday 21 December 2021

Manifest. Abundance. Future pacing

 Manifesting. Abundance. Future pacing.

Although we can't always see into the future, we can place ourselves in the future in our thoughts.

When you think of something you would love to achieve, imagine you have already achieved it and run that feeling through your senses.

What would that look like?

What expression would be on your face?

Who would you be talking to?

What would your family/ or friends say?

What would you see in that vision?

What would you hear?

How would you feel?

How would that change your life?

Future pacing is incredible as it allows us to make decisions also, it allows us to go through a process in our minds before an event happens, and it allows us to see if that might have a good outcome, or not, and how that outcome would feel.

It also is great to see you achieving your dream and goal and the feeling that that would feel like, and you can then hook into that many times to keep you motivated.

And you can notch it up even more, and record yourself on your phone as having achieved that goal and what that would look like and feel, and you can watch that achievement video everyday to keep you motivated and on task.

Manifest. Abundance. Vision Boards

Manifesting. Abundance. Vision Boards.

Making vision boards are so much fun. 

Allowing ourselves to dream, with out boundaries, allows us to open up our creativity.

Once we take the boundaries away, our creativity opens up and we allow ourselves to dream big.

It is not our job to worry how we manifest what is on our dream board.  It is just our job to believe that it can become a reality.

When making a dream board, make it on cardboard or a book that is pleasing to the eye, something you will love to look at. Cut out pictures of what you would love to experience, or own, or achieve.

Once we find those beautiful pictures, we can pop them on our dream board, or a vision book. Maybe google pictures, or type up sayings, or find memes that resonate, and use photos of those close to you.  Before you know it you have a stunning piece of your forward vision of your life.

Pop it somewhere where you will see it often, you might not look consciously at it everyday but your unconscious is taking note.

And also it is an amazing life skill to teach our kids, open their minds to endless possibilities, not self doubt and self limiting beliefs.

And then make a new one again in six months time, or when you feel you need to review it, you will be amazed that you start creating the things that are on the vision board, especially those that are inline with your values and true calling in life.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Manifest. Abundance. Meditation

 Manifesting. Abundance and Meditation

As we go through our busy days, how do we ever get back to our creative self? With a minefield of chores to do in a day, how do we ever how time to relax, really relax.

Year after year of working hard, we tend to run on automatic pilot like a hamster on a hamsters wheel, when do we have time to stop?

And if we don't stop and recalibrate and rest, how do we expect our bodies to keep going?

Our bodies keep count of how we thrash them, use them, over work them, ignore the signals to stop and rest.  Our body gets tired and then starts to create illness.  The patterns continue and then we can get used to living in dis-ease. 

All the while our bodies and mind are simply needing a rest.

Meditation is a way to allow your body to rest. People often say to me 

*I don't have time for that, if your health packs up the first thing you make is time to fix the problem, we can be pro-active.

*I cant relax, I need to be doing something, that through process is worth digging deep into the patterns around that, being busy all the time is often a trauma response, don't stop and think it wont hurt.

*when I try to meditate my mind wanders, it is like anything you practice until you master the skill.

When we allow ourselves to go into a meditative state, our body can truly rest, our mind can truly rest, our heart rate will come down, our blood pressure can regulate.

But mostly this is where your creative self can come out. It is where thoughts and feelings can flash past you, when your mind and body are quite, you can often find solutions to problems, you can generate options to things happening in your life, you can get clarity. You see glimpses of your dreams and goals and even figure ways to get to them, flashes of what you need to do.

Some times people say to me that they are not into the woo woo stuff, then happily go to the doctor to get medications for anxiety and depression, where if we start listening to our mind and body earlier, and their urgent signals for us to rest, we might be able to avoid some of that.

When our health fails, we have to make time and put up with whatever that brings us.  If we can figure a way to honour our body and mind and let them rest, we might head of problems before they start.

Saturday 18 December 2021

Manifest. Abundance. Connection

 Manifesting. Abundance. Connections.

One thing all of us need is connections. We need connections to feel safe, to grow, to love  and to feel connected to someone or something else.

One of my beliefs is that if we can always give someone 5 minutes of your time. In that 5 minutes of genuinely giving someone your time and attention, connections can be made.  The secret to this strategy is to have good boundaries so that you don't become the person who has to listen to everyone's story over and over and it become draining on yourself. 

Most people wouldn't be able to tell you the last time someone took a straight 5 minutes to listen and communicate without other distraction. Yet this form of communication is the most important.

In that 5 minutes you could have unknowingly been someone's light house, someone could have been having the worst day ever, and your kindness of just listening, talking and being there 100% just for 5 minutes can change the protectory of their day, and the flipside might happen when it could change the protectory of your day.  A simple smile and gesture of being willing to listen. 

Sometimes we think we have don't have time and some situations will present that we truly don't have time, but on the other side of that most of us find time to senselessly scroll and watch TV.  That interaction with another human is going to fill your emotional wellbeing cup up far more than scrolling or TV.

Another amazing thing that comes from this 5 minute interaction is opportunities. Sometimes being kind, and taking the time, unbeknown to you, you have just passed a 5 minute interview where someone's then says something like,   

I have been looking for  ....., would you be interested in helping me out?

I know someone who might need your help.

Are you looking for a job, we could use someone like you.

Have you ever thought about doing ..... you would be great at that.

I saw on social media someone was looking for what you offer.

or it could be,  

thank you for taking the time to chat to me, you don't have how down I am, and you have made me day.

....gosh we were meant to met because that conversation just helped me make a decision.

...I was praying for someone to talk to, and here you are in front of me

I have spent some time teaching our kids the power of the 5 minute conversation, when mums been a life coach all their lives, some stuff sticks and some stuff passes by them.

Unbeknown to us, an incredible opportunity presented the other day, I started the conversation, and before you know it the opportunities were poured out in front of one of our kids.

Coming away rather chuffed, I said, there it is , the power of the 5 minute conversation.

Being able to genuinely be you and be able to listen and talk to people on their level can often present so many opportunities for both, we need to take our shutters off and open ourselves to the world, as there are all the infinite opportunities, that is our playground to manifest and create the abundance we desire.

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Thursday 16 December 2021

Manifest. Abundance. Morning Rituals

How we start our day, tends to frame up our day.

We can leave it all to chance and see how the day pans out with the mood we are in or ...
We can become more deliberate in our actions.
We have all probably had that day where we didn't get much sleep, we got up grumpy, we spilled our coffee, got to work late and on and on. What if our first thoughts were, here we go again, and at that point we switched it up.
Gratitude is such an amazing way of switching up how we feel.
If we waked up tired, we can feel robbed of sleep, grumpy, worried how we will get through the day. If we continue to project that negativity then we will attract it, and so our day will go on like that.
If as soon as we notice those negative thoughts come in, like, I am so tired, and then flip that to, I am so grateful to have a bed and somewhere safe to sleep, we are activating the positivity.
If we choose to look for negatives, we will also find them.
If we choose to look for positive, we will also always find them.
So we are at a point of choice always.
We all have negative things happen, but it comes down to how strong we have built that muscle of resilience to deal with it.
This is why morning rituals can be so helpful.
No matter what went on the day before, or during the night, you can choose as soon as you notice the negativity, to flip it. Think of five things immediately that you are truly grateful for.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Manifesting. Abundance. Comfort zones


Manifesting. Abundance. Comfort zone

A lot of the time we are our own worst enemy. We actually get in our own way. Our unconscious automatic beliefs that we run can keep us safe in our comfort zone.

If we are happy doing what we are doing, then that is great, no need to do anything more, but if we feel like we are destined for more, there will come a time when we need to go outside our comfort zone.

That comfort zone is so safe and secure. I know I lived in a small one for a long time. The secret to making it bigger, is merely testing yourself to go out by doing small things that you wouldn't normally do.

Like any muscle, we don't just go full out and expect results that first day, but we do small activities everyday that end up making a huge difference.

I know that once I had a belief that going outside my comfort zone was safe, I began to play a mental game with myself, where I would just challenge myself to stay outside my comfort zone for longer and it became fun. That fun game I played for months, then became a flip I made in my story. I then craved things that were outside my comfort zone.

Being in our comfort zone can also keep us safe but stuck as well. If we feel like we have bigger dreams and goals, we probably wont find them in our current comfort zone.

So, if your goals are bigger than your current comfort zone, I encourage you do one thing today that just pushes you a little, and then do the same each day, until those small things become Childs play and you want to challenge yourself and go bigger and bigger.

The more we go out of our comfort zone, the more things open up to us, there are more opportunities that we didn't see before. The more opportunities that open up to us, the more occasions will arise to leave your comfort zone. Our next level of learning for ourselves sits outside our current comfort zone.

So if this resonates, I challenge you to do one thing that takes you outside of your comfort zone, let the expanding begin, let the new learnings begin and let those AMAZING opportunities that you are destined for present themselves x 

Friday 12 November 2021

Online business strategies.

 High vibe, high energy business strategies, why reinvent the wheel you others have gone before us?

Interested in online business and have your own product, we have an awesome education platform that you can hook into. Many classes and masterclass from world leaders in their field.

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Dreams & Goal checklist


Saturday 16 October 2021

Set your child up with success strategies


What is that one thing that you can spend forever on and it not bore you?
If you had all the time, money, resources and connections, what would you be doing?
Often people will say I don't have the money, money is an easy one to fix if you are determined to get ahead. Don't let that be your obstacle, or another one is I can't I am busy raising my family.
These are excellent questions to ask yourself when you are trying to find out your passion in life. When something excites us a lot, we excel in it and we can never spend too much time doing it.
For the sake of your heart and soul it is well worth booking in a time slot to allow yourself to follow what you love. You matter too!!
Sometimes we have do to research, a great skill is to learn to put yourself out there, and ask people that are doing the same thing. Never be afraid to ask questions of someone who has mastered a skill that you would like to have. They might have some great advice and might be able to tell you some things to avoid or the things you need to spend a lot of time on. There has never been a better time to connect with like minded people, the internet gives us a chance to connect instantly to anyone in the world.
Enlist a support crew. If you want to do something different, get your friends involved to support you. Look around, who else could support you? Make sure your support crew is positive and has your well being at heart and doesn't have their own negative agendas. If the people are around you are negative and you want to break that cycle, then join a positive uplifting group online. Again, there are ways around the obstacles.
If someone in the world is doing what you are passionate about, hold a belief that you can too. Watch what they do, how do they do it? What do you like about what they do? What would you change to suit your own personal goals and your individuality?
Always have a dream, if it is in line with your values, it will be easy to follow through. You might give up on it, but make that a temporary break, and revisit your passion and then make ways to follow through again.
Create a dream board and put all those things on that you want to achieve. Make it colourful and visibly pleasing to you. Make that dream board something you love to look at. When making dream boards, you don't have to know how you will achieve something, you just have to have a vision and belief that you can, move yourself closer to that dream with micro steps, and before you know it, you will achieve your dream.
DO THIS WITH YOUR KIDS TOO, start setting your kids up to dream big and to get past limitations. I know I wanted my kids to go beyond my limiting beliefs.
You get one shot at life, you might as well give it your best shot and follow your heart and your passions.
Dream it, Believe it and succeed in it x

Saturday 9 October 2021

Spiral dynamics, depression and anxiety

This was a really cool workshop that we run. It was about spiral dynamics. Our life journey. How we start very primal, tribal, vulnerable and need family,
and how we go through a patch of rebellion in our teenage years, some big rebellion some less,
how we move to the area where we believe that some rules and regulations will help us, and for some they carry on to become the person who is successful and then wants to help others to become successful. Often that person will be involved in charities, so giving their time to help others for no return, and helping share their success strategies. They have made it and are happy to share skills.
The last part of the spiral is the person who's life work is to help and empower others for no gain to themselves. Examples of this are Gandhi and Mother Theresa.
Some people get stuck at a certain part of the spiral, maybe they are the rule breaker, maybe they follow all the rules down to a T and often life will through them a curve ball which is really an invitation to move along.
We also talked about how we can fill up our baggage on life and carry it around with us, and what baggage can you let go off, baggage can be like being in a boat hoping to power forward while dragging the anchor. Sometimes we don't realise our baggage until it is challenged. Sometimes keeping the cycle going seems safer than having to change, because change is unknown and might present as being scary.
Spiral dynamics is incredible, we can go through the evolution in our own life and then something can throw us back to tribal and family. I have used this many times in my coaching, when people have faced trauma, doing trauma coaching after big earthquakes, working with people in horrific accidents, working with people who have faced abuse in many forms, depression and anxiety. These big events often throw us back to the beginning, primal and survival.
Unresolved trauma is exhausting as you are going up and down the spiral of life.
Sometimes realising where we are on the spiral can help us understand more about ourselves, and if we are unfortunate to be thrown back through the spiral, we always need to remember that we have got through it once before, so we have the skills and the knowledge and that what is happening to us now, we know that we have moved ahead before.
For some this pandemic will be throwing people backwards through the spiral, the need to connect at basic levels, primal levels, to family and significant people around us, the need to make sure we have basics of food and shelter for our family, and as we become more confident in our status or stance, we move slowly back up the spiral.
The pictures below were from our workshop, highlighting some of the parts of the spiral.

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Get back to nature

The weather sure can have an impact on how we are feeling.

The nice weather generally makes us feel like we want to get out and about and do things.

Whether it be around our home or out and about visiting people and places.

Nature can offer one of the best stress releases.  To be able to STOP and look around, smell the aromas where we are, hear those noises that nature gives us. The smell of flower, the beauty of the nature around us, the sounds that nature gives us, the buzzing bee, the crashing of the waves on the beach.

Another wonderful stress release is called grounding, that is taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the earth. This can be a wonderful sensation and can provide stress release.  Grounding or earthling has been around for centuries. We tend to put shoes on if the ground is wet, but to walk barefoot on the morning dew, or the grass that has been rained on, can help connect us back to the earth.

Most of us tend to think things in our life are stressful, and there are many fly by night potions and pills that can be sold to us to help us feel at peace.  Getting back to nature, and enjoying nature, stopping and slowing down, to notice how wonderful the world is and how while we are so busy, the grass is still growing, the clouds are still moving, the tide is going in and out.  Nature does this all effortlessly while sometimes we just get too busy to notice.

Monday 4 October 2021

Going against the ease and flow of life

Ever felt like you are going in a different direction to the ease and flow of life?

I certainly have done this on many occasions, sometimes it is lonely,

but it is only ever lonely until you met up with the rest of the people getting outside their comfort zone and trying something different.

It becomes actually really something exciting.

I have spent years learning how to consciously go against the grain,

like leave the belief system behind and have courage and try something new,

I have jumped into things many times and people have looked at my sideways,

but at the end of the day, going out of my comfort zone brought new learnings,

ways of doing things better,

better efficiency in my day,

thriving business,

amazing people to be around,

staying true to my values,

having fun,

while being athletically me.

Sunday 3 October 2021

There has never been a better time to pivot to online business

Thinking about an online business, but really don't know how or what to do, worrying about where to start or if you have the skills to do an online business.

And wondering how you even make money doing it? like what do you sell?

Help yourself to your very own complimentary PDF, have a look,  take your time.

It might be the best thing you read all year.

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Saturday 2 October 2021

Are you a life coach, wellness consultant or healer?

 Are you burning out doing one on one?

With technology you might even be able to run some workshops.

Are you reaching as many people that you want to? 

Are you a visionary and want to help more people?

If you do the math, really even though being self employed your income is capped as you can only do as much work as the hours you have.

What if you had a vehicle that could take you further?

It is doable, I have gone from working one on one to working with hundreds. 

The difference is, I now have a vehicle to take me to that next level and beyond.

Want to know more?

There has never been a better time to pivot.

Check out this complimentary webinar. Click on the link below.

My gift to you

.Expand your horizons

Friday 1 October 2021

Pandemics and income

Momentum Mastermind

This is an incredible Mastermind on how to build a successful online business.

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Thursday 30 September 2021

Belong to a platform that provides $$$$ of coaching.

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I have done a lot of study in my time and spent lots of money on personal development.

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Friday 17 September 2021

The Uncertaintly of Lockdowns is really scary

 I have been worried with these lockdowns,

How can I have control over our future?
How can we make plans for the future if it is so uncertain?
Do you ever have those worries too?
Last year I felt like this, and I started watching a friend of mine, who was always super positive, I reached out after a while and she told me what she was up to. I was searching for something positive, because the world seemed so gloomy, and she sent me a link to join a Masterclass...
I thought to myself what is a Mastermind and why do I need one, however there was something in me searching for options, so I went on and registered.
To say it changed my life is an understatement.
And now I feel it is time to share this same opportunity...
Maybe this resonates,
I am super excited for this upcoming Mastermind.
I didn't know what it was, but once I joined I quickly figured out it was an awesome opportunity to learn how to be a personal brand and build a successful on line business. What I loved was it was explained so simply, I am no tech guru, that stuff doesn't interest me, but I had a belief I had something to share. I met an amazing team of people, and now have made some beautiful friendships at a time when we crave connection. One of those people I met was Dan, such an inspiring story.
Dan is going to be our amazing host, he is so inspirational because he walks his talk. Dan was a FIFO, fly in, fly out, working 4 weeks on and 1 week off, travelling around Australia. Besides this he had a landscape business, became burnt out and was missing so much quality family times.
The biggest thing for me in this community is connections.
Connection to amazing like-minded people who are all inspirational in their own lives.
The second biggest thing for me is I have tripled my coaching business just by learning easy tips and strategies.
The third thing. The amazing online biz opportunity. I knew how to coach but I really didn't know how to take that online. The skills I have learnt are from 6 & 7 figure earners. They know their stuff. And even if I wasn't a coach, I didn't need any background to become successful.
And then the other massive opportunity ...
Is to be able to affiliate with a high ticket item, one that is great for my health, my families health and the planet. So if working online resonates but don't know how or what to sell, then it's all here. The bonus is all the hard work is done. I didn't even know what automation and sales funnels were. I understand now the value of them but the systems are all built. I don't need to know or understand that which is a win for me...because I want to spend my time helping people.
The world needs connection right now, there is so much uncertainty that the world needs now more than ever good people to help shine their light for others.
This Mastermind is complimentary. A lot of us are in lockdown. I know it makes me think ... have I done enough to navigate the uncertainty, and for me having options and beautiful people around me has definitely made this opportunity worth while.
From uncertainty brings the option to pivot and explore.
Click on the link if this resonates. I would love to have to have you on my team x

Monday 13 September 2021

Calling all coaches



This might be the most exciting thing you have read for a while.
So many myths are surrounding those being coaches.
I was stuck in the mentality that to be a great coach I needed to be one on one with clients all the time.
If I do the maths, seriously how many people can I coach in a week.
For me the numbers didn't stack up, I wanted to talk to more people, coach more people, empower more people.
Also for me, I need to be empowered myself, super passionate about what I am doing and how I am doing it.
Maybe this might resonate, maybe the feeling of working hard all the time, trading time for money, feeling exhausted yourself, but seeing that bigger picture in the world, of those people that need the magic of coaches helping them, we are risking burn out, simply because we are drawn to help others.
Join me for this sensational workshop to show coaches another way of
* working with more people
*spending less time doing it
*using the magic and life experiences we have to help others
*having work life balance on our own terms
*all this while helping so many more people.
I worked hard, traded time for money, then I found an amazing way of doing things differently.
I want to share with you,
A complementary online workshop starting1st December. LETS END THIS YEAR ON A POSITIVE BANG. I want to help much more, and I can, and I know I can impact many more people, and if this resonates with you, so could you. Click the link below and join me

What does freedom look like?

 Ever wondered what freedom could look like?

Fast track to Freedom

Sunday 12 September 2021

3 Day Mastermind - Fast track to Freedom Mastermind


You will learn the difference between creating your own high profit offers and services compared with partnering with ones that are proven to work and convert. • Which business models actually create freedom • The difference between low ticket and high ticket offers • How to build an authentic personal brand so that you can get paid to be you • How to create a legacy wealth • How to leverage social media to create success even if you have no audience • How to actually create your dream life and business in 2021 and get really clear on what your perfect day looks like • How to be amongst like-minded people that are creating freedom businesses

Fast Track to Freedom Mastermind - 3 epic days

Monday 16 August 2021

Children and Anxiety

There is such a worrying trend with children and anxiety. Unfortunately the world seems unstable at the moment, the current climate is unknown territory.

Ways we can help our children if they suffer anxiety is

*to listen to them, what is bothering them, don't preach on how they can fix it, just listen to them, whatever it is, it is real to them.

*have routines and boundaries, sometimes we can struggle to put boundaries and routines in if we are really worried about our children. They need this more than ever when they are stressed.

*Listen to the way you are talking about the worries in the world, you are their strong person, if you sound like you are worried, then they are going to get worried.

*Get out in the fresh air, if it is cold, rug up and get out in the elements, the sun, the wind, whatever it is, get some fresh air.

*Listen to the way you talk to yourself, your child will be modelling behaviour, if we berate ourselves we are giving our child permission to do the same.

*Is there someone who can become a mentor for your child, look around, who do they admire, who do you admire, in your circle there is probably some real treasures.

*Don't aim for immediate solutions, aim for connections.

*Breathing, this is often taken for granted. How is your breathing as an adult, nice and deep and relaxed. Maybe google some breathing exercises that you can do together. Effective breathing can stop the anxiety from taking hold.

*Meditation or guided stories, you can download these, simple stories that get the brain engaged into something else rather than worry.

*If you as the parent suffer with anxiety then see what you can do using the above tips to get your anxiety under control. What is it you need? An anxious parent can make a anxious child and so the cycle can go.

*If the problem is bigger than you can manage, enlist some help, either family, friends or maybe a trip to the doctor.

Take care

Saturday 14 August 2021

Outstanding offer, complimentary workshops, click on the links below

There is so much happening in the world right now.

Googles searches are up to a crazy amount - 600% searches for work online.

People are searching for new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Maybe you have been searching too.

Maybe you have been caught up in the craziness of the world at the moment, 

maybe you have been in lockdown.

The world has shifted to a place that we don't know any more.

I started searching for new ideas,  new options.

I didn't want to be stuck, even though the world was changing I wanted to keep moving forward.

So I started doing business a bit differently.

Below are just some of the workshops that I am currently running and they are complimentary.

For life coaches and wellness advocates who are ready to expand Life Coaches and wellness advocates

For Millennials wanting to live their dreams Millennials wanting freedom

Baby boomers wanting choice Baby boomers - financial freedom

Sick of 9 to 5 jobs, there are other amazing opportunities See yah later 9 to 5 job

Network marketers, high ticket, high profit strategies 

Burnt out mammas at home, you can create your dream life and still live by your values of raising your family  Burnt out mammas welcome

FIFO - Fly in fly out jobs -there are easier ways to create income

See you in a workshop, I cant wait.