Tuesday 6 September 2022

Motivation & Mindset

Motivation often will depend on your mindset, how your mind is operating and how your body is feeling.   

If we can be motivated to do something really special, then we have the skills to be motivated.  When we need to do something we are not so keen on, feeling unmotivated often draws the "thing" we need to get done into a big long event when it needn't be.  

 If we have a task to do and we dont really want to do it, often we will fall into a negative mindset and start dragging our feet and think of every excuse not to do it.

One tip I have is to make that thing the first thing you do. Get that "thing" out the way first, and then you have the rest of your time doing stuff you do enjoy. 

Remember we have the skills to be motivated for the things we find pleasure in, so therefore the skill set sits within us to do the strategy that gets us to our goals, we just chose another neural path if we arent keen on doing a task, we feed the lack of motivation mentally and physically.

Monday 29 August 2022

Gratitude, the key to manifesting your dreams

We can get very caught up in life and events that happen.

 Sometimes its hard to stop and think what there is to be grateful for.

We are busy busy busy doing doing doing but how often do we make time to just STOP and take STOCK.

It is always interesting listening to people's perceptions of life. Some people can be hit so hard and through no fault of their own, you wonder how they get up in the morning. And others seem to get stuck on the little stuff.

What is one way you could build some extra coping resources today? 

Having a gratitude journal is one way, and instead of letting your mind control you, take control of your mind, and when things get on top of you, take 5 to see how you could handle that differently next time, instead of the automatic pilot patterns taking over.

 Have a incredible day 🌟

Tuesday 23 August 2022

 When building your own online business you need to establish what is the desired outcome.

Let's face it, what is the point of pushing ourselves to achieve a goal if we don't know what our desired outcome will be. 

To establish an outcome, we can ask ourselves a series of questions to get down to the bottom of what and why you are trying to achieve something. We start with stating in a positive sentence what it is we want. Once you have done that you need to establish if you can achieve this outcome by yourself or if you need support people to help you. If you need support people who will they be? Ask them to help you out and clearly establish what sort of help you need. Then close your eyes and imagine you have already achieved the goal, run through your senses, what would it look like? What would it feel like? What would you hear? When we imagine a situation we will be using our senses to make the scene complete so it is really important to do this part of the process. Whether we imagine something or whether we recall a past situation it will be coded with our five senses, some senses stronger than others. 

Imagination is a great tool, imagination allows us to dummy run a situation without in effect doing anything in real life about it. A good example is a interview, you might be nervous, if in your mind you imagine you are already in the interview and go through some of the questions you think you might get asked, your brain registers that process. If you imagine over and over about the interview, by the time you get to the interview you feel much more relaxed because your brain has already put you in the position many times. In the same way if we want to create a goal and we imagine what it would be like if we had already achieved it, it gives us a really good indication of what it will be like for you when you achieve it. If that feeling is a great feeling while you are feeling excited about achieving it, imagine you have a camera and take a snap shot if what you see and then store it safely somewhere in your mind. While you are busy achieving your goal you might have highs and lows, shall I carry on, shall I quit and when you feel like quitting you can always pull up that snap shot in your mind and it gives you a great boost to carry on. 

Another question to ask yourself is, when will you know you have achieved this goal, and be specific about this answer. You clearly want to know when your re over the finish line. The next question is what is the purpose of the goal? What will it give you? Is there a greater benefit of your goal? 

Good clean goals give good clean results.

A question you need to ask yourself is, is this in line with my morals and values. Goals not in line with my morals and values are bittersweet when you achieve them, so become a big waste of time. 

So think of what you want to achieve, carefully pick some support people if needed, imagine the goal already completed. Take a snap shot when you feel the most motivated about the goal. Make sure it is a good clean goal that is in line with your morals and values. Strive forward and when the sprits are flagging check out your snap shot again. When you have achieved it, remember to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. 

Whether you are a avid goal setter or never done it before, you can start at any point, the goal can be as big or small as you want, at the end of the day you are trying to please and amaze yourself - not others. 

Good luck and email me your stories

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Work from Home, recession proof yourself, build multiple streams of income.


There has never been a better time to think outside the box.

Have you ever noticed that through a recession, there is always a group who thrive?

How do they do that?  Is it luck?  Were they born into money?

Not always ..

Learn valuable skills on how you to can recession proof yourself ...

The Solution Summit - Recession proof yourself

Wednesday 6 July 2022

A passion to work from home building online businesses

I jump up in the mornings, so excited to work. I have a fire in my belly and my soul is being filled.  Lots of people ask me how I can work from home and choose my own hours and days off.

It is simple, have a belief that it is possible. 

Many struggle with the idea of giving up a great income in the workplace, and what if it doesn't work out working from home. If you are worried about that, they key is to slowly move over to online work. Build you business in pockets of time. 

Build you self esteem and belief more than anything by seeing thatI jump up in the mornings, so excited to work. I have a fire in my belly and my soul is being filled. Lots of people ask me how I can work from home and choose my own hours and days off.

It is simple, have a belief that it is possible. Many struggle with the idea of giving up a great income in the workplace, and what if it doesn't work out working from home. If you are worried about that, they key is to slowly move over to online work. Build you business in pockets of time. Build you self esteem and belief more than anything by seeing that while transitioning from one thing to the other, you are successful in working online.

There are so many ways to transitition over to online work.

Right now I am working on a super exciting project, in fact, crazy as it sounds, I couldn't wait for the sun to come up and start another day !!

When we take out the "rules" that often others/ society impose on us, when we take of our own filters, there is a big wide world out there full of opportunity and needing your skills, life experience and personality.

Message me if you want to know more, there are multiple ways to work from home x

Thursday 30 June 2022

Choose your circle wisely

 Sometimes I think that we need to be alone,

alone to think about things, think things through,

that downtime, that enables us to get in touch with who we really are and think about where we are wanting to go, what we have done well,

what didn't quite work out for us.

I do believe that beyond that we need people around us,

not just anybody,

but people who get us,

who are ok when we are our authentic selves,

people who will uplift us,

people who will have our back and help us push past our belief system that might be holding us back,

people who are as invested in us as we are in ourselves.

Those people really exist.

Maybe you are lucky enough to have people around you that.

I remember at times I sure didn't have those people around me.

I love that saying " You become the same as the five people who you hang around with most" but it is scary sometimes when you check in who those five people are.

Sometimes we let ourselves slide and let the negativity in, maybe we don't know how to move that negativity on.

It is when we surround ourselves closely with those who uplift us, that we will expect the best out of ourselves.

And likewise we become the person who uplifts them and holds them to be the best version of themselves.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Health - are there hereditary genes or hereditary patterns


Sometimes people ask me why I got into holistic health?

Like what was the turning point, coming from such a medical upbringing?

Well it goes back a long way,

all the way back to my first pregnancy.

I had pre-eclampsia, so really high blood pressure,

I had a months bed rest at home, but couldn't stop myself jumping up doing little house work jobs.

I then ended up in hospital on bed rest because of the blood pressure and swelling from the pre-eclampsia. I went along with what the professionals said, never doubting anything.

I ended up having a premature baby, 2 months premature. We both ended up staying in hospital for weeks, my blood pressure wouldn't settle, I had a sick baby in an incubator, it was the scariest thing ever.

I was told to lie on the bed and rest, as they couldn't control my blood pressure.

One day this beautiful soul, a nurse came in, with a little note in her hand. She said this might help you if you truly believe. It was an affirmation from Louise Hays book about how you can Heal your life. The affirmation for blood pressure, was around releasing the past.

I believed it, but it took me a while to process that I could actually be creating stuff in my own body. That lead me to a huge search about our mind and body and how our mind can create illness in body. Through conscious breathing, you can control your blood pressure, through meditation you can as well, hypnotherapy too.

So people say but that stuff is hereditary as well,

and I say,

Is it, or is it that you are recreating the same hereditary patterns?

Want to change some of those patterns? contact me

Food for thought xx

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Day 1 Creating the life you desire - Complimentary tips and strategies

Check out these awesome tips in this series, on how you can create your own dream life.

With a coaching career of over 15 years, I am exciting to be sharing some tips and strategies to you.

Absolutely complimentary.

Thursday 5 May 2022

The future is yours - what are you calling in?

Today I did my future pacing video. These videos are easy to do and transport you to the future. They are fun as the video is showing you your potential. I know what I want to achieve in the next 90 days, so today I did my future pacing video that I will watch everyday. It is a video that I made, that transports into the future as if I have already achieved my goal.
By using your five seasons you can log into your body and mind a feeling of what achieving that goal might be like, even before you have achieved. Run that vision through your five senses.
What would it look like to achieve your goal? What would your face/expressions look like? What would other people be saying? How would it feel? Can you smell anything in that goal, that sweet smell of success or maybe you can taste something. What do you hear around you?
Once you have gone through the vision, imagine you can take a photo of it, and keep it, let you mind file it away somewhere safe, so you can look at the photo in your mind daily.
By doing this your mind and body have already bought into the experience of achieving this goal. This is a super way to do personal growth and an exciting way to grow a business.
I choose to work in an online business with a super community, that has a platform that teaches so many ways, tips, tricks and strategies of being authentically you while building an online business.
Maybe you have thought about building a business in the online space or growing an existing business, click on the link in the comments if this resonates and you want to learn more x Have a super day x