Friday 29 May 2020

How are you doing post Covid-19 Lockdown level four?

Well it has been an interesting time, I hope that you and your family are well post COVID-19 level four lockdown.

Most of us have never experienced anything like that before and it was even hard to imagine that locking down a country could exist.  But it did and we all had to learn a new way of doing things.

For some it would have been a great break, maybe a paid holiday, where it enabled time to relax and bond with family, catch up on all the odd jobs.  

For others who were front line essential workers, the fear of going out each day being in the front line. 

For others loss of jobs and income, and sadly some loss of lives.

Whatever your situation, none of us could have prepared for our country going into lockdown. 

What seemed like a over the other side of the world problem, quickly came to us.

If you are someone who has felt the stress of this, I have five stress tips.

1. Be kind to yourself, no one saw this coming and who knew how to mentally prepare for it. 

2. Take some time to do something simple for yourself. Try and eat well, drink lots of water and get enough sleep.

3. If you need to do action, like job hunting, brainstorm how you will do that. Figure out what is your best option and then do one thing that will put you closer to what you need to get done.

4. If you need help, ask people, friends, neighbours, the community, community services, doctors. You are not alone if you a struggling.

5. Write down your stresses, make sure you are not carrying others stresses, think about what you can do about those things that are stressing you. If you have big stuff to stress about, don't worry about the little stuff. Talk to someone if it is overwhelming.

Take care and reach out for help if you need it.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Online courses coming soon ...

Over the years I have run many courses and workshops.  I love it, the connections, watching people grow into the people they were destined to be,  and I have always wanted to help change more peoples lives, so I am now working on a range of new online courses.

Sometimes it is easier to reach out for an online course, it can tick many of the boxes as we busily go along doing all the other things we need to do in our lives. 

Our brains are most happy when we are striving forward, we are learning new things every day, so why not make some of those learnings part of your own personal development, that can help propel you to the next level of your life.

What is your soul whispering to you?

Underneath our day to day stuff

underneath our struggles

underneath our tiredness

underneath our emotions

underneath all of that

our soul has a message

its been trying to tell you

it's about your calling

your soul is asking for some quite

quite the chatter of the mind

your soul

your true purpose

your divine self

is trying to tell you

what you are capable of

it wants to let you know 

that you are deserving

that you are worthy

that you can create

whatever you heart desires

you don't need to know how

you just need to quite the chatter of your mind

and believe you are capable of achieving your life dream

Friday 22 May 2020

Learning how to use anchors for success

Such a stunning day,
Taking time to sit and contemplate what to do next,
During lockdown we ordered some mugs. I created this mug so I could have it as a positive anchor.
I learned about anchoring over 20 years ago and it is something that has served me well through the years.
The mug says,
Dream, Believe, Succeed
and under that it says
Share your magic.
Anchoring is a very powerful tool to use to remind us of certain states that we can access when we want.
So for me when I use that mug, it reminds me to
keep dreaming of what I want
keep believing I can achieve it
and to know that I will succeed.
I also love the chakra colours in it,
that reminds me to keep in alignment with my true self, work from my soul,
and the words
Share my magic,
reminds me that each and everyone of us has magic in us, and we need to share it with the world.
I have worked with many people with anchoring, anchoring from a trauma state to a calm state, from a low energy state to a high energy state, from sadness to happiness, from feeling lost to have vision, sports teams to anchor them to their highest physical and strategic state and much more.
If you want to learn how to anchor yourself to more positivity, reach out, lets get together for a session,
Your mind is your tool, why not learn how to use it to its positive potential?

Thursday 21 May 2020

We all have THOSE days

No matter how positive you are and try to be..

Some days just try you ..

Having one of those mornings, other peoples actions putting a negative effect on the start of our day.

I am sure we have all been there.

But it is what we do with this that counts.

This is where choice comes in, do you let it ruin the rest of your day, or do you go past it.

There is always a point of choice.

So I am choosing to carry on with a positive mindset, 

because if I am here to create and help heal others, and help them create financial freedom,

I can't do that from negativity.

So 5 things I am grateful for right now

1. Family
2. Amazing friends
3. A wicked and uplifting work community of the most amazing like minded people.
4. Having created financial freedom to follow my dream job
5. The beautiful sunshine. 

Have the most outstanding day x

Monday 18 May 2020

You deserve high energy.

Good morning.

Mixed emotions today as the kids went back to school. I am going to miss them, but they need some normality and 
I'm picking there will be a

lot of catching up and socialising. .

So this morning it got me thinking about energy levels. Many times people have said I am lucky to have a high energy level. It's not always been like that.

Over the years I have done lots of work on energy. Clearing out the stuff that weighs us down.

Here's my 5 step guide to high energy

1. Eat well and drink lots of water

2. Have enough sleep. Regular bedtimes.

3. Exercise..anything...just get moving.

4. Be grateful. Look for the positives.

5. Bust any of those self limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

Have a super day and if you decide today is the day you want to work on that belief system
PM me it might be the most empowering thing you do.

Saturday 16 May 2020

Flex your wings, try new things

Sometimes it is safe to stay inside our comfort zone,

After all we know what to expect,

We might have lived there a long time.

But what is there was more experiences for you just outside you comfort zone?

What if expanding your comfort zone a little could give you other options?

What would you have to lose extending your comfort zone just a little?

I reckon it is worth a look.

Friday 15 May 2020

Let me share 3 Stress Tips for you...

Good Morning,
If you are feeling stressed, this post might be useful for you.
I would like to share with you 3 stress strategies.
1. Write your stresses down. You might think how can that help? Writing things down seems to tell your mind that you are listening. When we write things down, we can then manage our minds better rather than going over and over things. If we have written our stresses down, when the stress comes back into our mind, we can stop that thought and tell our mind, stop, we are dealing with that.
2. The things that you have written down, think about each one. Is it your stress or are you carrying someone else's stuff? Stresses can be left with their rightful owners
Is what is stressing you, something you can do anything about?
If you can do something about what is stressing you, make a commitment to do something about it today. What is one thing that you could do so your mind knows you have got this sorted?
3. If something really big is stressing you and it feels overwhelming, allow yourself some time to think about it. A useful tip is to block out some time to worry. Maybe give yourself half an hour a day to think about what is overwhelming you. Honour those feelings, don't sweep them under the carpet as they will probably come back to visit you when you least expect it. 
Make sure you time these sessions, and when the time is up, get up, change your physiology and do something different. That way you have honoured your feelings but also put a firm boundary in so you can get on with the other things you need to do, without having the overwhelm follow you around. This might take practice, and you might need more or less time, or you might need to do it several times in the day.

Go well,

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Post COVID 19 lockdown support


this page was created to help those who have come out of lockdown feeling a little confused and unsure on where to go to next. 

For some the experience will have been great, time to reconnect with family, for others they have lost their jobs, they may have lost loved ones, they may have been an essential worker throughout, they may be traumatised from it all, they may have anxiety now.

Maybe they don't have a job after believing they were safe in their work. My intention is to inspire and uplift by creating posts with tips and strategies to help get past whatever it is they/you might be feeling.

Maybe you could be helping someone else get their head around the future. Stay tuned.

Feel free to reach out to this free Facebook support group.

Facebook group Post COVID 19 lockdown support

Monday 11 May 2020

When you are feeling at your lowest...

Sometimes things just don't work out.
Things seem so far out of reach.
I am sure we can all relate to this. I remember feeling
like this a number of times in my life.
I remember 25 years ago feeling like things couldn't get any worse.
It was a pretty dark time as I struggled with burn out and post natal depression. It seems mad really because outside looking it, it would have looked like I had it all.
I remember clearly the day I thought, you either sink or swim.
I had been sinking for months, there was no where else to sink to.
One day out the blue, the final sink or swim thought came to me.
I remember that day very clearly, the day that I took my power back, I remember swearing and saying #$%@ if I am going to live like this.
I had stuff in my past that had affected me hugely, and that day, without a doubt, I found my power.
I didn't know how I was going to move forward, but I knew without a doubt, that, that day my life would change forever.
Sometimes you just don't need to know how, you just need to reach a point of being wiling to start climbing the mountain.
There were a few influential people I met along the way, I made a goal in amongst my fear that I would help over 1000 people when I got better. I had seen some pretty out there goal setting stuff and thought I would throw the figure out there. It seemed a mad goal, seriously I was having trouble getting up out of bed.
From that moment in my life, I had a purpose and that was to excel in learning how to help people, people just me.
I am sure we have all been in a place of gloom , fear and the unknown , lacking in motivation.
But you like me, can rise above your past and your fears.
I have helped more than as 1000 people now
That crazy goal I set in my darkest hour was achieved.
You too can be that person.
Go well, Kim xx

Friday 8 May 2020

Resilence - the key skill to get us through anything

Often when I am doing personal development myself or have caught myself in training for work-related professional development, the question comes up, what do you think is the most valuable skill we need?

I always put my hand up and say resilience.

Resilence enables us to travel through the storm, resilience through adversity teaches us to first cope, manage, survive, and then it transpires into another skill that we have learned. That skill we can use in the future.

One of the things I am always interested in is when someone is hit so hard in life for whatever reason, their story of coming back from that and moving on, often to go on to help others.

Along my journey, I have met such a Resilient lady called Donna-Leigh Perfect. Her story of survival from domestic abuse is unbelievable, and her resilience to go out into the world and help others has become her passion.

I will be doing a series of interviews with Donna-Leigh about her story and then her incredible journey to helping others.

Details to follow, this is an interview not to be missed.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Values and goals

Postnatal Depression - Mumma take care

For most people having a baby is a great time.

For some it is not, maybe it wasn't planned, maybe they are scared.

Maybe they are being triggered by their past.

Maybe the are not in an ideal relationship or environment.

Maybe our pregnancy wasn't as great as we thought it was going to be.

Maybe our birth wasn't great.

Maybe being a mum shocked us, it wasn't what we thought.

Maybe we have suffered depression before.

There are lots of reasons why we can fall into a depression after pregnancy.

It is a huge change of life.

Our hormones are all over the place, our head is everywhere, and then there is this person who demands us all day and night long.

They demand every single part of us.

We become exhausted, sleep deprived, second guessing everything we are doing.

We stay home as it is too hard to go out.

Sometimes we suffer in silence.

You are not alone. Having a baby is such a massive change to our lives, our bodies and our minds. There is no time to get used to all of this, as we have a dependant baby that needs us all the time.

What can we do?

Be kind to ourselves, it is not our fault for the way we are feeling.

Seek some support, who is the best person you can get support from. Is it a friend or family member? who is the person who will understand your situation the most.

Make an appointment with the doctor and go and have a chat. There is NO stigma around post natal depression, you are not failing.

Talk to your midwife when she visits or rings.

Talk to your Plunket nurse when she visits or  call Plunket and have a chat 0800 933 922

There is Pregnancy Counselling Services which is a free service. 0800030985

See if you can join a support group. I know I did, and it was great. It wasn't nice reaching out for help but once I did it, I felt like I was with people who understand. Maybe you can join a Facebook group where you can get some support.

You can join our support group run by mothers who had suffered severe post natal depression.

Facebook Group. Postnatal depression to the life you deserve

Keep talking, keep telling someone how you feel.

If you cant cope, ring someone to help you.

Monday 4 May 2020

Rolling out the next chapter

Changing a few things, rolling out the next chapter.

I have done a lot of research, and feel super excited about my next up level in my business.

My values are around providing the most help I can to those who need it and reaching so many more people.

Helping others to reach their true potential in all areas of their life. That is my passion, that is my calling.

Having a team working together.

Excited is an understatement. 

Feeling so much gratitude for all those experiences I had through life that left me feeling negative, because it is those that taught me what I needed to know.

The negatives became my positives.

Those who said I couldn't became my greatest motivation.

Those who found flaws in my dreams became the people I needed most to help me flush out my plans.

Through my journey I have met the most outstanding people, people who have survived against all odds, they are so inspiring, empowering and that circle encourages you to grow more and more.

Feeling extremely energised to roll out the next chapter.

Friday 1 May 2020

How can you see a positive in negative times?

So right now the world is looking a bit sad, a bit scary and it has rocked us.

So how do we do the fluffy thing and find something positive about it all?

Why should we even bother looking for anything positive?

Well there are many reasons.

In every situation whether we want to believe it or not, there are positives.

Maybe things have been hard for us for so long that we can't even see the positives.

But they are there.

Have you ever bought a new car and then looked around and noticed how many of them are on the road?

Have you ever bought a new cell phone and then when you look around lots of people have that same phone?

What we choose to look for will be what we find.

Imagine looking for the positives, where ever the negative is, flip it, what is the positive to that?

Try it, what have you to lose?

Positive thinking makes us stand proud, our posture is better, our self esteem is better, our outlook on life is better, we want to try things, we find pleasure in small things, we notice what a wonderful world we live in and we become grateful for what we have, whatever that might be.

So I challenge you today, to look out for some positives around the situation we all find ourselves in at this time.