Sunday 21 December 2014

Make your Christmas less Stressful

December is well and truly here, but don't stress. As we come to the end of the year it is a good time to reflect.  How has the year been for you?  What have you enjoyed in the year?  What could you do different next year?  Start thinking about some goals for next year.   What would you like to achieve in 2015?

Christmas is nearly here and it tends to bring a lot of stress to many people.  There are many situations that can be stressful, but really it can come down to perception. 

Keeping up with the Jones is not a great idea around Christmas.  Christmas and the festive holidays are really about enjoying family and friends company and enjoying good times with them.  That can't be measured by money or the size of a present.  A well thought out present doesn't need to cost the earth, and the thought really does count. Christmas isn't a time to put yourself in debt that will carry over to the next year.  All that will do is cause you worry and it becomes short lived happiness. Make a present or buy a group present.

We all enjoy having all the best food and drink around us, but live according to your budget and do a bit of planning before you shop.  Again you can get savvy and have gorgeous meals.  You can make your own decorations for the table, just google some great craft sites. Ask people to bring a plate, most people will be more than happy to.

The season really is about family and friends. Remember to stop and enjoy the moment, don't get so caught up in organising that you miss those awesome memories being made.

If you are on your own around Christmas, see if you can join a group of other people around you. There will be others wanting to get together.

Best Wishes for the Festive Season,
Wishing happiness, fun, laughter and great memories.
Kim and Family

Kim McNamara

Sunday 14 December 2014

Special Needs Children - Angels that walk the Earth

Over the years I have had a fair bit to do with children with special needs and their parents. The sheer love and determination from parents of special needs children, shines though, and parents learn ways to manage different problems they have to overcome.
Years ago as a teenager I used to visit a friends brother in a residential care home for children. My first visit left me feeling sad and overwhelmed. Being a teenager and really thinking mostly about myself, I felt I had enough issues in my own life to deal with, growing up seemed hard enough at the time. So I choose not to go back and visit again. 

Something inside me keep bugging me and months later I returned to the home and my visits become weekly Friday night visits.  My love for these children grew and grew to the point I gave up Happy Hour at work. Remember I was a teenager, happy hour in the middle of town on a Friday night was a ton of fun.  Something inside me gave my night away in order to visit my friends at the home. To me it became a no brainer, get tanked or go and visit some kids that really enjoyed my visit.

Over the time I visited, some of the children passed away. I found that really hard at the age I was at.  I felt lucky that the friend I visited was still with us. I remember we changed our phone number and I rang him up and said “ Can you get a nurse to write down my new phone number” and he said “tell it to me, I will remember it”.  I told it to him, but doubted he would remember it, so I thought never mind, I will write it down on my next visit.
On my next visit I found out that one of the children had passed away, I felt devastated.  One day I went to visit my friend and he wasn’t well and in bed.  I was a bit naive looking back. I got a phone call the following Monday to come in, as my friend was poorly.  I went immediately and when I saw him I was told the news that he only had a few hours to live.  I passed a nurse called Sarah coming out of his room, she was an angel on earth, she walked out crying. I said, “Am I too late ? she said “No, but we are not assisting life anymore, so it wont be long”.

I went into his room, and there he was lying in bed, peacefully. The family was around the bed, the family dog was in the room. I talked to my friend, saying I was there and it was OK to relax. He stared at me for about 15 minutes and then passed away as we all held hands.  I was devastated.
At the funeral the family came and asked me to come and sit up front with them, it was then I began to realise the significance of my visits to him every week. It was also then I was told the story, of how my friend had gone unconscious, then came around and told the family to ring me and tell me to come quickly. His father said, “I don't know how to get hold of Kim, I don't know her number”,  my friend went back into unconsciousness, then he came back too, recited my phone number and told his dad to ring me and to come quickly.  It was then that I realised how significant my visits were, and from there on in, my friend made a massive impact on my life.

From there, I began to become supportive to special needs people and to their families.  Since then I have worked with young and old special needs people. They are a treasure on this earth, they teach us so much, they taught me to be humble and be filled with gratitude for all I have.

After I did my Life Coaching training, I was asked to work with many special needs children, however my passion more was in helping mum and dad. Mum and dad can easily become exhausted and become un-resourceful, so my coaching focus came around resourcing parents to be the best they could be, as I believe parents intuitively know what to do when they have the energy and time to think things through.

To this day, I support parents with special needs children, and I now have four gorgeous children, my second eldest daughters name is Sarah.

Kim McNamara

Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Power of Positive People

Why is it some people can be positive no matter what, and some people can be negative no matter what. What makes us so different? What makes people who can seem like they are in a very similar situation react so differently? It is all about perception

Just because we are a negative person doesnt mean we need to be a negative all of our lives, it means that if we want to change, we need to change our  mind set. 

So what is a mind set? A mind set is the way our mind is set. It is an automatic response. Those who choose to be negative will choose a negative reaction to what ever is around them, likewise those who choose to be positive will have a positive reaction to what is incoming. Some would argue that it isnt a choice to be negative and that I dont understand their situation. All of us have things to deal with in our lives some pleasant and some are not. Our reaction to incoming stress is the key.

Negativity breeds negativity. Normally negative people will surround themselves with negative people, as they are doing life in the same way. If you were a super negative person, being around a super positive person would drive you up the wall. So we tend to stay in the circle of people who do live the same way we do. 

Want a change? then choose to do it differently. By choosing, I mean making a conscious effort to do things differently. It might take some time to be positive or try and find a positive side to things, but it is worth the effort. Many studies have shown that a positive mind set is good for the mind and body. A negative mind set will drive you into the ground, if everything is always doom and gloom, the onset of depression wont be too far away, and why live with such a loss of enjoyment of life.

I believe it is a birth right for people to be happy and positive.  If we live with this thought, then we automatically look for positive things, we are drawn to what we believe.  It is like when we get a new car, we notice how many other people have the same type of car like ours, we are purposely looking out and noticing the same cars, likewise we can purposely notice and look out to see the positive side in things. If you are feeling stuck and have a friend who can put a positive spin on things, ask them there thoughts on a current situation, sometimes a situation can look, feel and seem different if it is framed in a different way, and often another person can point that out to us because we are locked in automatic pilot

Positive attitude breeds happiness, good things will flow on, people will love to be around you, you will be uplifting, you will look and feel great, and in that mind set anything is possible.

Kim McNamara
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Sunday 30 November 2014

Turn Self Limiting Beliefs into Self Empowering Beliefs


As we go through life we often pick up self limiting beliefs. Some will be from our upbringing and from other significant people around us.
Some beliefs will come from seeing things happening in the world around us and creating a mental belief that something is just not within our reach. We tend to take those beliefs on as being true and they become rules in which we live our lives around.

Often this can happen at an unconscious level. These beliefs can sit in our unconscious mind and help to rule our lives. Unless challenged they become the rules to which we live by. On the other side of things, we also hold many positive beliefs, and those can also sit in our unconscious mind and again make up rules that we run our life by. 

The more positive beliefs you hold about yourself, the better your mental and physical well being. You will be happy to take on challenges and you will hold a belief that you can succeed in most things. You will feel happy to go outside your comfort zone, you will feel happy in your own skin. You will begin to attain the Wow Factor.

If you hold a lot of negative beliefs about yourself, you often rob yourself of happiness. You rob yourself of opportunities, as it seems easier not to try, than to try and fail. Failure is only feedback.

One easy way to up the self esteem is to up-skill. What is it you are passionate about? What would you love to be doing that you are not already doing? Make the first move by doing some research.
I know myself, having had a rough ride into motherhood, that when my third child was born I didn't have too many positive beliefs in getting back out there in the world. I felt like technology had left me behind, because I was no longer in the workplace environment. I felt like I was out of the loop on a lot of things.
A huge choice that I made at that time was to join the local kindergarten committee, doesn't sound too big, but to me it was mammoth.  It got me back into doing some normal stuff with adults. Shortly afterwards, I took on the role of doing all the kindergarten grant applications. After a fair bit of research and a will to succeed, I secured more than $60,000 for the kindergarten.

Can you imagine how that made me feel?

Then I took on a role on the Board of Trustees. I didnt know anything about how a school ran, so I took a course through Open Polytech on School Trusteeship and learnt what I didn't know. These little milestones started a change in my belief system that I could do this. 
A year later I decided to become a Life Success Coach, thinking I didn't have a show really. I got smart one day and by the power of email, emailed one of NZ's top coaches and asked for her help. I thought she wouldn't bother replying, quite the opposite, the following day I was having coffee with her discussing my career.
Then I decided to buy my MOTV8N number plate and that I would one day start a motivation business. We were on one income with three kids; we could not really afford a number plate, so I had to pay it off. By this time I had an unshakeable vision.

The only thing that had changed was my beliefs about myself.

Life can throw us some real big curve balls, you have got to take the hit, see the positive, and move on.
I have come from a person who was scared to join a kindergarten committee to creating a dream for myself that I can live by with my family. Today I am an International Life Success Coach, coaching through conference calls around the world.
I mentor new Life Coaches coming through, I have tutored for many years at night school to adults, I have run goal setting workshops through entire schools.  I have been around the country and spoken in front of groups of professionals. All of a sudden there were some pretty important names coming in my inbox. I  have written in magazines and newspapers for the past ten years. What changed in me – My belief system.

If I can do this, so can you.

Find your passion and settle for nothing less. Everyday work towards that goal. Upskill,Upskill, Upskill, what is it you need to know? If you don't know where to start, do research. Someone out there in the world will be doing something that you are passionate about. Google them, email them, meet with them. Put yourself out there so people know what you are wanting to achieve. Lose the negative people who want to put you down.
And you will come across many. Don't listen. Join the positive group that will support you.

Like attracts like, negative attracts negative, and positive attracts positive.
Choose the positive group and make a difference.  START TODAY ...

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

Kim McNamara

Monday 24 November 2014

The WOW Factor

Lets talk about the WOW Factor.

Have you ever noticed that some people just tend to have the whole package.
There is something about them that people just love, and people gravitate towards  them.

So what is it?

It is not based on looks, clothes, any personal accessory or material possessions.

It is because they know the secret in life of how to live by their true values.  People with the WOW factor, generally have a smile on their face, and they have an inviting personality.  They have the personality that is interested in You.. and treats You like you are important.  These people share a genuine interest in the people they are around, and love to hear Your news.  They are not so caught up in themselves that You cannot get a word in edgeways.

So how do they do it?
It is very simple.  People with the  WOW factor are happy in life.  They are internally happy with themselves and what is around them.  They live according to their values.  Whatever they believe to be true, they live by, and don’t ever disregard their values and morals for anybody or any situation.  They hold their values in high regard.

When we are aware of our values and live by them, we have a deep sense of belonging and knowing how to handle ourselves.  We don’t go from situation to situation trying to figure out what to do.  People with high values will have a high regard for others and therefore automatically attract good people back into their circle.  Like attracts like.  If you want a positive and happy life, you have to be the positive and happy person, not waiting for it all to come to you.  If you live by your values and morals, you have a good sense of justice in yourself, and because of this you are firmly grounded in what you expect in life and from others.

If you come across people who are wanting to treat you badly, or rip you off, you will automatically move out of the circle of those people and probably keep them far away. They don’t serve you and if you don’t come down to their standards, you wont serve them either. And so the process of attracting and detracting goes on.

The person with the WOW factor lives by their morals and values, and does not sell out on them for no body and for nothing.  They are firmly grounded in the world and they don’t lose endless energy going over and over situations. They know how to handle it and then move on.  Because they are so firmly grounded in the world and don’t second guess themselves, they have an endless energy and they have a great self esteem and this is what shines when you met them.

We all have the WOW Factor in us...

.... it is about living true to ourselves, nurturing our self esteem

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

Kim McNamara

Monday 17 November 2014

A very warm welcome to You...

I am in the process of putting this website together to share many things that you may find interesting, and perhaps helpful to you.

The site is in initial stages of construction, however my hope is it will develop quickly.

   - You will find information about many of my Workshops on the Workshop Page

   - There is a page dedicated to NLP, and a page explaining how Hypnotherapy can be helpful also.

   - And there is a page dedicated to all those wonderful people I have come into contact with and have been so kind and appraising with their Testimonials. Thank you.

   - I have also dedicated a page to Inspirational Quotes, where you can choose one that fits with you right now... and take it with you for the day, or week. These can be extremely empowering in motivating you towards Life Success

I have also created a Contact Form, where you can provide any feedback, or perhaps would like to seek more assistance.

I also welcome any Comments on any of my pages. I would love to have your input, and create discussion around your input. Your comments will help me to improve the website, and your engagement will help others become motivated to succeed also.

I will endeavour to reply to all of your comments as time (and my internet connection out here) permit.

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

Kim McNamara
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