Wednesday 14 December 2016

The festive season is here..

Well, the festive season has arrived.

The shops are getting busier, people are more in a hurry, the roads are getting busier and life, in general, seems to be speeding up.

A key to not letting things get on top of you is preparation and communication.

What could you put in place now, so the next few weeks are easier?

Can someone help you out with anything you need to be done?

Plan and budget presents to stop overspending.

Try not to leave things until the last minute, because it just gets frantic all round.

Be realistic with your expectations of what you are wanting to achieve.

Make sure you make time for what is important to you.

Is there a neighbour or elderly person around you that could do with a visit?

We tend to run on a roller coaster at this time of year, so maybe stop, and get off, and make a plan.

What is important to you and what do you want to spend your time doing?

Have fun over the festive season, and take care.

Looking forward to an outstanding 2017.

Seasons Greetings from

Kim and the Team

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Tuesday 27 September 2016

Caring for the Caregiver

There is a huge amount of people in our community who are in a caregiving role.

It can be parents, foster parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, looking after ageing parents, looking after special needs children, dealing with sick family members and friends, people who do paid work in a caregiver role and many more.

As a caregiver, we tend to give a huge amount of ourselves to those who we care for.  Sometimes it can be a balancing act to look after our own families and care for others as well. 

Caregiving is a huge role, and such an important role in the health and mental well being of those who we love and those in our community.

The selfless role that caregivers take on often leaves the caregiver themselves feeling very depleted and worn out with no energy. It is so important to take time out for yourself if you are in one of these roles. 

Often people just keep on going until a crisis point comes about, and then decisions need to be made in haste and often made without feeling very resourceful.

It is so important to factor in time for yourself, time to get away and recharge your batteries.  Often if the caregiver can't keep doing what they are doing, there is such a huge domino effect and a negative spiral. 

The timeout can sometimes seem selfish, however, it is imperative if you are in an ongoing caregiving role.

If you are in a caregiving role, search out what resources our community has to offer to support you. Maybe start with a chat with the doctor.

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Tuesday 6 September 2016

Business Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance can be some what hard to acheive.

Over the years I have worked with many clients, and their businesses seem to rob them of the very life and freedom they are looking for.

Effective business plans and a clear understanding of where their business sits in the market place is key.

A bigger thing to understand, is themselves, how they tick.

I have been asked many times to work within a company.  The "Boss" points the finger to who they think is the problem.  The "Boss" points the finger to the one thing they think is the issue.

Unfortunately if The "Boss" doesnt want to undertsand how he/she ticks, then it becomes a pointless exercise.

The failure rate on businesses can be so high, I believe the success rate could be much higher if more thought and personal growth was a point to consider.

It is great to do SWAT anaylsis, business plans and projections, but if the person running the show doesnt under how he/she ticks, then there might be a few too many learning curves for the business to withstand.

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Take care,

Kim and Team

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Sunday 21 August 2016

Soul Food

So what is Soul Food?

And why do we need it?

We are all  unique as we all have different parents, upbringing, significant people around us, significant events and so on.

But as much as we are all so unique, we all have some very basic needs as humans. 

The obvious being, warmth, food, shelter, love and a sense of belonging.

Sometimes we forget about our very souls.

Who are we?

Sometimes we can go our whole lives wondering this very question.

Our souls are our very being, what does it take to make our heart sing?  What are our values and what is it we need to do to feel happy?

Soul Food is something we can do to nourish our being, to nourish what we are at our core.

Often soul food is simple things, like nature.

A walk on the beach, a walk in the bush, feeling the sand under our feet, feeling the sun on our skin, looking up and the stars, smelling the flowers and fragrances around us, it could be music....

What is your soul food?

And how will you get your taste of soul food today?

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Take care,

Kim and Team

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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Spring is in the air...

Spring is in the air for us in NZ.

It is a great time of year to think about what you might like to achieve before the end of the year.

Anything is possible between now and then...

What do you see yourself doing over the Summer months?  Is there something you can put in place now?  What little step can you use to move forward?

Take a moment to think about and imagine what you would like to be doing?  In your mind's eye, see if you can make a clear vision of what this will look like?

What will you be doing?

Who will you be doing it with?

How will you be feeling about having achieved a goal that you have wanted for a long time?

Who is your support group going to be?  Who are those around you that are positive and helpful and may offer encouragement when you doubt yourself?

What research can you do to move forward with your goal?

Put an exact date on this goal, put it on the calender.

Boom, so go forth today, and create your plan,

that could be your first step.

Have Fun...

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Kim and Team

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Sunday 17 July 2016

The middle of winter is a great time to sow some seeds for summer

The middle of winter can seem such a dreary down time. 

Some people really do get effected by winter weather making them feel quiet down.

I myself, are definitely a summer person, love the sun, and getting outdoors.

Often in winter I would find myself getting bored, because the things I loved to do so much were outside.

But then I changed my perception of winter.

Winter is a cleansing time, the rain washes everything, gives all things growing, the boost it needs to  carry on growing.

Winter can also be the time that we ourselves can plant new seeds. 

Instead of being focused on what we can be doing next Summer, we can think, what can we be doing right now, in the middle of winter, to propel us towards our summer goals.

What seeds can you be planting right now?

Looking ahead to next summer, what do you want to be doing?, what do you want to be achieving? 

When you have some free time, take a minute, imagine yourself doing what you dream of this summer, what does it look like?  how do you feel?  what else are your senses telling you about this dream?

Once you have imagined your dream, your brain has already seen it, so your brain knows what it is like and where you are heading.

What do you need to do to make this dream become a reality?  Who are your support team going to be?  What time line do you have on making this happen?  What reward will you give yourself when you achieve your dream?

So maybe, if you are thinking winter is a real down time, you might like to try this strategy to see forward to what you might like to be achieving in the very near future.

Take care,
Kim and Team

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Things can be sent to try us

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it feels like we are being hit from all angles?

Sometimes it can feel like no matter how hard we try, something comes along and takes us down.

Life is a real journey, and we are all on a life journey, but we are all doing it differently.  We all have different backgrounds and circumstances.

We also all have different coping strategies.

Have you ever known someone who just seems to get everything thrown at them, yet they still get up and carry on and can even be happy and smile about life.

It really all comes down to appreciation and perception.  Often we dont appreciate what we have, until it is gone.  Now is a great time to appreciate all of what we have today.

If you know someone who is incredibly good at handling stressful situations, why dont you ask them how they do it.  I am sure they wouldnt mind sharing their strategy.  More often than not, it will be that they have a different perception on life.  Their perception will be different on what they worry about and what they let go over the top of their heads. 

Guilt, Anxiety and Fear cause huge amounts of stress and can be the most damaging to our bodies.

If our minds are feeling stressed, our bodies will be feeling stressed as well.

If we take a moment, and be grateful for all we have, and then become aware of our perception of stressful events, we might be able to change the way in which we let things effect us.

Take care,
Kim and Team

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Success Journals

Success Journals or appreciation journals are the most amazing tools at keeping us feeling positive about things we can feel grateful for. 

If we take time to write daily in a journal of the great things that have happened to us through the day, we start to focus more on the positive.   It is a little like when we get a new car, once you start driving it around, all of a sudden you see lots of the same car. 

If you constantly look out for the negative, negative things will surround you thick and fast.  Like wise if you choose to ONLY focus on the postive things around you, you will attract more positive things.  Only noticing the positive gives you the edge to spend time positively and not allowing so much time to be focusing on anything negative.

We dont have to live in fairy land, as life is life, and we all have stuff that comes along and brings us down, but the more strategies we have to see those things in a positive perception, the quicker we will pull ourselves back up to a happy place where we belong.

Take Care,
Kim and Team

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The brain is geared to move forward.  Often if we become stagnant in what we are doing, we can become sluggish and down in the dumps about life.  Although we all go through cycles like this, after all we are all human, spotting the down slides and having strategies up your sleeve, can help you move through theses cycles quickly.

If we cant be bothered doing much of anything, we can really become depressed.  A good way to try and help stop this cycle, is to think of something small that you would like to achieve.  

It may seem a crazy suggestion when really you just cant be bothered, but being bothered is the one thing that will probably help you through this stage.  Being bothered and trying to make a plan on something small you would like to achieve.  Maybe just a small walk, or some gardening, or catching up with a friend, or maybe smiling at people.

You can do quiet simple things to make a mind set change, and after all that is what we are wanting, changing the mind set that has got us stuck.   Simple things can lead to simple successes, which can in turn lead to bigger things and feelings of self worth can come back again. 

So next time you are lacking motivation and just cant be bothered, just remember that you dont have to climb Mount Everest to feel worthy.  Just try some simple things, and be sure to note if they made you feel any better, add them to your success journal.

And then remember those strategies and if you start to feel that way again, you might be able to stop the spiral before it gets a hold on you.

Take Care
Kim & Team

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Saturday 21 May 2016

Nature is food for the soul

Feeling a little down or stressed?

If you can, get outside and see, feel, hear some nature around you.

Reconnecting with nature can calm and relax you.

And the best thing is, it is free.

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Saturday 7 May 2016

Mothers Day can be a day of mixed emotions

Mothers day can be a day filled with many emotions.

It can be a fun day to be with your mum and share time and laughs.

It can be a time when you are spoilt rotten by your own kids.

It can be a sad day for others.

Remember those who are adopted and might not know their real mums.

Remember those mums and children that aren't in contact for whatever reason.

Remembering all those whose mums have passed.

Remembering all those who don't have such great memories of their mums.

Remembering all those who would give anything to be a mum.

Remembering all those who have lost a child.

Be kind to yourself and those around you,

We never really know someone else's journey.

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Saturday 30 April 2016

Nature the Healer

Nature is such a great healer.

It is all around us and yet we can easily take it for granted.

Often we can feel stressed, but the one big stress release is all around us.

Nature offers a wonderful way to watch life in progress, the seedlings grow, the sun rises, the sun setting, the tide coming in and going out, the magnificent formations of clouds in the sky, the life cycle of living things around us.

We can get really caught up in the day to day life and forget or just not see these beautiful things because we are so busy.

Take time to look around and appreciate the wonderful nature that is around us, it is free, it is soothing, it is amazing, it has an incredible ability to calm and make us humble.

Enjoy your day

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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Empowering Women

Since having children I have found that I have a love of writing.

Over the years I have written many things, from magazine articles, newspaper articles, monthly columns, self help eBooks, self help booklets and I have just completed a book on Empowering Women.

Writing is such an awesome way to get knowledge, thoughts and ideas down, and you just never know when someone might just need to be reading what you have written...

Is there a writer in you?

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Kim McNamara

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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Clearing the Clutter

We all get very busy in our lives.  We seem to think we have so much to do.  We can rush from one thing to the other and sometimes not completing things.

The clutter around us can start to build.  If you are feeling a bit jumbled, take a moment to stop and think about how you are doing life.  We can get so busy on the roller coaster of life that we tend to go with the flow, creating a ground hog day feel.  We need to hop of the roller coaster and take a look at ourselves from another perspective. 

Take a moment.

Watch yourself on the roller coaster.

What do you notice?  Is there anything you can see yourself doing really well?  Is there anything you might need to change?

Has the clutter in your mind been building?  Do you need to have a sort through your worries and stresses and see what you really need to be worrying about and drop the rest?

Same goes for where you are living.  Most of us can feel great after a clean out.  We can sell things we don't need. We can donate things or if no other options, throw them away.

Either way our mind and our environment need to be uncluttered.

We can often feel that life is like ground hog day, take time to hop of the roller coaster and see where your time and energy is going.

Time and energy are super important.  It pays to use it for the things you love to do.

Enjoy your day

Kim McNamara

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Tuesday 5 April 2016

Posiive Influences

Positive Influences are so important in life.

I strongly believe in the saying that it is easier to build strong children than fix broken adults.

There is always a point of choice between being negative and positive.

We all have different perceptions of incoming events that are unfolding around us.  How we react to them is key.

Our values and morals will have a direct impact on our reaction.  If something happens and it breaches our values system, we will have quiet a reaction. 

Our values are our soul, our values are what makes us who we are, our values are what defines us.

If our values are breached then our reaction can be very strong.

Being around negativity can have a lasting impact, so how much we allow ourselves to be around is important to monitor.

Negativity can be linked to illnesses, depression and sleeping issues.

On the flip side, to be positive and be around like minded positive people, you can feel empowered, uplifted and feel like you can take on a lot.

If you have an empowering workplace and boss, you don't mind going the extra mile. 

Having a positive nature also has a good spin off health wise.  Research has shown that people who are of a positive disposition will often be happier, healthier and have good sleep patterns. This becomes a positive cycle, and becomes a win win situation for everyone.

One of the easiest ways to change your negative reactions is, to often think about the good things you have going on and secondly, catch yourself out when you hear yourself being negative.  The mind can be retrained, because remember we, ourselves have trained our mind to be the way it is.

Kim McNamara

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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Having Fun with Dream Boards

Dream Boards are so much fun.

All you need is a nice piece of coloured cardboard, some magazines, glue, pens and pencils, scissors and a great imagination.

Put everything you would like to achieve on your Dream Board, whether you believe you can achieve it or not, it doesn't matter.

Make it colourful, make it personal, make it yours.

When you have finished creating, pop your dream board up somewhere where you will see it often.

This is a great reminder to the unconscious mind of where you are planning on heading and what you are wanting to achieve, even in your wildest dreams.

Have fun

Kim McNamara

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Monday 15 February 2016


We can get very caught up in life and events that happen.

Sometimes it is hard to stop and think what is there to be grateful for.

We are busy, busy, busy, doing, doing, doing, but how often to we make time to just STOP and take STOCK.

It is always interesting listening to peoples perceptions of life.  Some people can be hit so hard and through no fault of their own, you wonder how they get up in the morning. And others seem to get stuck on the little stuff.

What is one way you could build some extra coping resources today?

Having a gratitude journal is one way, and instead of letting your mind control you, take control of your mind, and when things get on top of you, take 5 to see how you could handle that differently next time, instead of the automatic pilot patterns taking over.

Have a super day,

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Kim McNamara

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Sunday 31 January 2016

2016 Make it YOUR year

Well 2016 is well and truly here.

How has it been so far?

Some of those New Years Resolutions might have already gone out the door, or maybe not even started.

How do we engage ourselves into our goals and dreams and make them become reality?

Often we can have ideas of things we want to do and we carry them with us for many years.  What we forgot to do sometimes is update the goal list.  A goal that you set years ago might not even be that relevant now, but for whatever reason we carry it with us as something we need to do.

Goals and Dreams always need to be inline with our values.  Our values are our CORE, what makes up our SOUL, what we live for, what we live by.

Effective goal setting always needs to have that first key of being inline with values.  If we are caught up with keeping up with the Jones and keeping up with the "in group" , we can often work hard, achieve things and they become bitter sweet on completion with success feelings not being that satisfying.

A great thing to do after checking in with your values, is create a Dream Board.  Our family have done these for many years, and I have run workshops on Dream Boards. They are fun and very effective for ALL AGES.

The idea of a Dream Board is to think about what you would like to achieve in life, big stuff, small stuff, stuff you think you might never be able to achieve.  If it interests you, it is important.  Find some magazines, books, brochures, internet info etc and cut out the pictures around your dreams that you like. Find words or print words that have meaning to you.  Make sure all of it is POSITIVE. Arrange them on a big piece of cardboard/ paper. Stick them on your Dream Board and pop that Dream Board up somewhere were you are going to see it often.

The mind is very, very clever.  Our conscious mind is busy helping us out with our tasks that we need to be thinking about, and our unconscious mind has a whole load of other processes going on. One of which is being aware of your dream board every time you see it, even if you haven't really consciously noticed you are looking.  Its the same thing as putting pictures of goals and dreams on the fridge. We visit the fridge many times a day, we glance at the picture, not really thinking about it too much as we are going to the fridge.  Meantime your unconscious mind is noticing and reconfirming over and over that this is important.  The power of positive reinforcement.

So have a think, and have some fun, Maybe you might like to create your own dream board, maybe you might like to create a family one.  Kids love this stuff.  Be mindful not to put your dreams and input into others dream boards, as we all hold our own values, beliefs, visions and dreams.


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