Special Needs Children

April 2016

Respite Care

It is so important for people who are caring for those who have higher needs, to get support themselves.

Often caregivers in which ever form they come in, can go on endlessly and tirelessly running themselves into the ground.

The person who can manage the most is the most resourced person.  Taking time out to fill our emotional tanks doesn't usually fit into the list of things to do when caring for someone with high needs.

However this is one of the most important things that need to happen. 

If we grind on and on without a break, we tend to do ground hog day and slowly burn ourselves out.

Often the time we realise we need help and actually ask for help, we are already burnt out.

While feeling reasonably resourceful, it is a great time to look at options and define a definite line where you will ask for help.

If you feel you are past that point, then try and enlist a family member or trusted friend that can do the leg work for you ringing around and making inquiries.

Guilt can be a massive reason why we don't take on help, however it is sometimes that very thing that will keep us sane.

Keep up the amazing work :-)

December 2015

Well I have just completed a year working with special needs children in a college situation.

It has been the most rewarding journey.

The children have reminded me of things that are important.

Some of those things are

Life is different for all of us.
We may be different but we all have a divine purpose in our lives.
Our skills and strengths might not look much if measured by mainstream scores. BUT THEY MEAN SOMETHING TO US.
Our journey is our own, our home lives and social backgrounds are different and varied.
No way is either right or wrong.
No one is better or worse.
We are  all individual.

The meaning of success is so individual, what someone might consider a normal task on a day, might be a challenge for others to overcome.

There is a mighty value at taking a moment and thinking about a persons world if we want to understand them.



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Over the years I have worked with many special needs children and their parents.  Many time parents come to me and ask me to help their child.  My philosophy is to empower the parents, as when the parents are empowered, they instinctively know what to do.

The problems come when parents start getting exhausted.  This can be from

Lack of Sleep
Confusion over a child's behaviour
A parent feeling and thinking something is just not right
A lack of understanding
Confusion and overwhelm over where to get advice
Not sure of help that is available
A child with a diagnosis and the acceptance or non acceptance of that
Trying to figure out how they are going to cope
Others peoples input into the families situation

All of the above can be daunting. Some parents experience some of the above or all of above and more.

The secret is to be empowered. Empowered with knowledge. Empowered with choice.

Although we cannot change what life deals to us, we can change how we deal with things.

I truly believe that an empowered parent will instinctively know what to do that is best for their child

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