Sunday 11 January 2015

Welcome to 2015, Let us make it the best year yet.

Happy New Year to you all.  It is hard to believe how quickly the days, months and years roll by.  How was 2014 for you? Hopefully it was a good year for you. 

What would you like 2015 to hold? 

We all have goals and dreams, some we achieve and some we just don't.
Sometimes we can get caught up in the thought the dreams are for others.
I truly believe that if someone out there is doing what I want to do, then why can't I.  Often what stops us are our self limiting beliefs.  Sometimes we can hold a fear of failure, so it is easier not to try because we might fail, and who wants to fail.  Let us change our meaning of failure, failure is merely feedback.  Every time something doesn't work out the way we think, we learn not to do it that way, so we try another way.  Failure can be very useful and maybe try changing the wording to feedback.

I believe Success is a Birth Right.
Every one has a right to be successful. Success is a personal journey, so the meaning of success can change from person to person.  As we  grow through life experiences we tend to change our meaning of success.  Often success can be regarded as materialistically making it, but as we age, success might change to being less materialistic and more about being happy and content.

At this time of year, many people set New Years Resolutions.  A New Year can sure be a time for change, however those changes will only be long term if you have a vested interest in keeping the changes.  So you need to look at what is motivating you with your goals. 

Clearly define a goal/dream, what is it you want to achieve? Once you have figured that out, ask yourself what is your present reality with your goal/dream? Where are you at with it? What have you done so far?
The next part is to brainstorm Options on a way forward to achieving your goal/dream.  One of those options will stand out as a way forward.  Once you choose a way forward, then make yourself accountable and put a time frame on when you want your goal/dream achieved by.

The key to goals is setting authentic goals that sit in line with who you are  and within your value system.  You can start by setting small goals, and record your successes in an Achievement Journal.  We can often remember easily the things we do wrong or the things we fail at. Having an Achievement Journal can help us remember the good things we do.  Instead of building a mountain of failure and self limiting beliefs, we can turn it around and build a mountain of success and empowering beliefs.

Enlist a support crew. Find positive people that will help you and fuel you when you think you should give up.

Dream it,
Believe in it
and Succeed

Kim McNamara

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  1. I can recall a few years back being asked to list my Values, in order of priority.
    I also recall that this was quite difficult to do,
    because I had not really given it much thought before.

    However, by giving it thought, it made me look into myself, who I am,
    and I was able to identify myself
    through my most important Values.

    They are the basis now (by realising them) that I live my life happily, confidently, lovingly.

    Keep them coming Kim. Awesome!!

  2. Thank You Geoff. Yes Values are important. They are "who we are" and "what we stand for". We will fight hard to make sure our values are listened to and honoured. Making a list of your values is a great exercise, it is a window to the soul. What is it you care about most. List those things and honour them, and then make any goals with those values in mind.

    1. 3 of 7 questions to help decide one's major goals...

      1. In 30 seconds or less, write down the 3 most important goals in your life right now

      2. What would you do if you won a mill in Lotto... 1st thing, 2nd thing.... ie) what would you do if you had no limitations on your ability to do so; and

      3. what would you do, and how would you spend your time, if you learned today you only had 6 months to live.

      The answers to these 3 questions should be the same or similar, because they all reflect the True Values in our life.

      What do you think?

  3. Listing my values was eye opening for me, it put everything into perspective and made my decisions crystal clear moving forward. Feedback instead of Failure, love it.