Environment Pollution Sustainabiltiy

We need to look after our planet.

We tend to use our planet like it was given to us to do with whatever.

It is time that we all take responsibility and start to look at what ways we can help our growing pollution problem and what the pollution is doing to the earth.

We have done beach clean ups for as long as we have lived by the beach. We also do road side clean ups. Like lots of people once you start engaging in activities like this you start to realise the scale of the problem.  

We are using our planet like there is a back up plan. 

There is no back up plan. 

We will end up handing the planets problems over to our children to try and sort out, and some of the damage done is not repairable any more.

It comes down to all of us, we need to be more conscious over our choices, what we do, what we buy, how we dispose of items. Do we need the amount of items we buy?

We are all caught up in this, and it is a big problem, and we all need to come together faster and in big masses to change the damage we are doing to our precious earth.

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