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Would you like to fly above the clouds like this young lady on her 16th birthday?

Kim McNamara: Life Coach, Success Coach, Motivation Coach.

I have trained through the Life Coaching Academy and have been a Certified Life Coach for ten years; and also went on to be a Mentor Coach, helping new coaches coming through their training.

I also trained with Communications Plus, becoming an NLP Master Practitioner.

With a love of helping people and learning new things, I then achieved a Diploma in Natural Health. This Diploma included study around Homeopathy, Natural Therapies, Natural Healing and Aromatherapy. Being fascinated in the holistic way, I studied Level 1 in Bach Flowers. I then went on to study Beauty Care & Personality which tied things together nicely.

With a sheer passion to help people of all ages and a firm goal of studying the human life line, I went back and studied and became a Teacher Aide, enabling me to help children who were struggling. I work with many special needs parents and their families and find this so rewarding.

Also in line with my goal of studying the human life line, I worked in Aged Care. With a fascination of the brain and how it works, my work in aged care helped me understand the ageing brain. It helped me understand things like, how do you motivated someone who has had a stroke? or how do you help someone emotionally who is going through palliative care? and how do you support their loved ones?

Recently I have become a Hypnotherapist, I worked with Hypnosis New Zealand to achieve a certificate in Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy. Most recently training for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

I have an absolute desire and determination to help others achieve their goals, help them to overcome their self-limiting beliefs, and provide them with the motivation to succeed in their lives.

I believe that success and happiness is a birth right.

A work in progress, starting November 2014, I am putting this website together to share many things that you may find interesting, and perhaps helpful to you.

   - You will find information about many of my Workshops on the Workshop page.

   - There is a page dedicated to NLP and a page explaining how Hypnotherapy can be helpful also.

   - And there is a page dedicated to all those wonderful people I have come into contact with and have been so kind and appraising with their Testimonials. Thank you.

   - I have also dedicated a page to Inspirational Quotes, where you can choose one that fits with you right now... and take it with you for the day, or week. These can be extremely empowering in motivating you towards "Life Success".

I have also created a Contact Form, where you can provide any feedback, perhaps would like to seek more assistance, or would like to be on my mailing list to follow updates. You can also contact me via the Contact page.

Of course, I also welcome any Comments on any of my pages. I would love to have your input, and create discussion around your feedback. Your comments will help me to improve the website, and your engagement will give strength to others to also find the motivation to succeed.

If you find my posts helpful and inspiring, please "Follow" this Site so you can keep updated.

You can find more about me here

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

"Anyone can fly above the clouds with a life success attitude"

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  1. you're a very clever lady Kim and I'm glad we met.

  2. HI Heidi,

    Yes I am glad we met and I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge of Life Success Coaching and NLP with you. I wish you well with your new adventures.