"A Slice of Inspiration" Workshop.  Heidi Riley and myself doing a skit on Baggage.

Recent School - Goal Setting Workshop

One of the things I love to do is work with children in the classroom setting.
I have been working in schools delivering the Goal Setting Workshop to young children.

The children think about what they want to achieve at home, at school lunch times, with their school work, and then ultimately what they want their life dream to be.

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 At the Amputee Society... 

My late father was an amputee below the knee
for 25 years of his life. His courage and sheer determination taught me to always believe in myself no matter what life dealt you.

He fulfilled his life long dream, after having the amputation,
of owning land.
Dad did this, buying many acres and living the dream he had always wanted. Dad became ill again 24 years after his first amputation and lost a second leg below the knee.
He passed away a week after that amputation. However in that week, he had us planning the house out better for him, buying a car he could drive with his hands, and many other plans.

My dad is my inspiration, and to honour that....
my family went back to the Amputee Society
and gave an inspirational talk about my dad and his life.
I know that talk helped the other amputees.
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One of my projects...

I had an idea one day.

We owned a property, which had a huge section in front of the house.

I did lots of research and we went ahead and re-sited a granny flat in front of our original house.

It was pretty daunting and I remember thinking.....
this is a pretty big goal.

However it all went well, and we ended up with a rental property.

Thought outside the square, and it paid off.

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