Do you suffer from anxiety?  

Hypnotherapy can sometimes aid the return of a natural harmony.

By working with your sub conscious mind, hypnotherapy can be useful in helping to reprogram some of those beliefs that are making anxiety worse.

While running on automatic pilot, we tend to do the same patterns over and over.

With Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching we can work on changing some of those automatic pilot responses, by challenging them, we can open the way to suggest more positive responses to situations.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Are you overweight?

Have you tried everything?

Have you ever thought about a Gastric Band.  

Let me introduce you to Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

Imagine being hypnotised to believe you had a gastric band.  Imagine by the power of positive suggestions you could have an imaginary gastric band.  

This could be for you. No surgery.

It is that simple.  By the power of hypnosis, that is working with positive suggestions, you can imagine you have a gastric band and if your power to change your current situation is strong enough, it will more than likely have positive results like you have actually had a gastric band fitted.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy to Life Success Coaching.

A common type is Suggestive Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy uses trance like states and positive suggestions that are therapeutic, allowing a client to become more resourceful.

A client will come to hypnotherapy usually wanting to achieve positive change in their lives.  Usually these changes will be belief orientated which can also end up changing patterns, thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

Suggestive Hypnotherapy is used when a client is wanting to make changes and improvements in their life.

Information will be gathered at the beginning of the session to elicit a desired outcome or goal.  Once that is established, the client would then go into a light to medium trance state that allows positive suggestions to be passed to the subconscious mind.  While in a trance state, the client can easily relax into the positive suggestions that are being spoken to them.

There is a safety mechanism in your mind. Only positive suggestions that sit within your values, and life rules, will pass through.

Anything that is said while in a light to medium trance, that does not sit right with those values or life rules, will simply not be taken on board by the client.

So, as you can see, Professional Hypnotherapy is very safe.  It is a relaxing process that often leaves the client feeling more relaxed, positive and focused afterwards.

The content of the session while the client is in trance, can generally be remembered by the client after the process.

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

Kim McNamara
Life Coaching
Success Coaching
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