Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is used in the fields of communication, business management, health, advertising,
human resource (HR) development, training design and delivery, politics, education,
psychotherapy; in fact wherever and whenever people interact with each other.

NLP is the study of how people do what they do, and how "the best" achieve their success.

NLP Definitions

    -  Neuro:   brain / nervous system

    -  Linguistic:   language and communication patterns - both verbal and non-verbal

    -  Programming:  how and why we do what we do.... human strategies, behaviours, and
                                   beliefs that create failure... or success

Being a Master Practitioner of NLP, there are many benefits I can bring to you, including but not only:

    -  identifying and achieving goals

    -  achieving more for yourself as an individual

    -  uncovering beliefs you no longer want, and generating more supportive ones

    -  inducing motivation into your life, motivation to succeed

    -  having more happiness, joy, and freedom in your life            

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

Kim McNamara
Life Coaching
Success Coaching
Motivation to Succeed Coaching


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