Thank you!! you wonder-full people... it has been an absolute pleasure to have met you.I am honoured to have been able to help you in some way.This is my passion.Warmest regards to all,Kim
Kim has the ability to quickly drill down to the core issue, expose it, and then give you the tools to clean and heal it; all with true empathy and understanding. She will guide and encourage you to be the best version of you, to succeed in any area of your life. With Kims help I got a job I didn't believe I could. Call her, you won't regret it!        Jen Auckland

Hi Kim,
I need to say thanks so much for working with me over the last 9 months!  With your help I have conquered my biggest fear and have set the wheels in motion so I can achieve my massive goal for 2015 :)
As you know fear of failure was huge for me, it consumed me and made me procrastinate for months but I powered through and always heard your voice on my shoulder telling me that I could do this, and I did.
It's just the start but like a snowball it will gain momentum and the results will come.
Cheers x

A quick note to say thanks Kim your amazing!  After struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel to now having BIG plans for 2015 / 2016 life has just got awesome again.  Having you in my pit crew is good for the soul.
Heidi, Auckland

Kim is incredibly supportive and intuitive. Her down to earth, genuine manner and approach really appealed to me. Kim gave me more than I could have ever expected. Significantly she helped me with my self confidence. From this discovery, my other goals became easier to achieve.
Sharyn, Taihape

I went on a 8 week night school with Kim, which I would highly recommend to others who want to unlock there potential or practitioners who want to learn more about NLP and Life Coaching Skills. I found Kim's ability to teach excellent and she made the class time very interactive.  There was no question that she was highly skilled and knowledgeable in her profession and her  ability to deliver a lecture was second to none.   
David, Auckland

Through the support group than I run, I've been involved with Kim for the last few months.  She has spoken at our monthly meeting and Kim has done workshops with us. Kim is very easy to relate to and her teaching is fun, simple, very effective and life changing. I am now doing her night school class and that is a great challenge. Kim is an inspiration to me.
Kathy, Auckland

I have personally known Kim for 8 years. I met Kim when, as a Sales Manager working for an IT company, I enrolled with a group that included Kim in the course on NLP. It was from that course that a friendship began.

What immediately stood out for me was her abundance of empathy, she is kind and humble, has a generous spirit, is committed, has energy, is passionate, clever and funny and will go out of her way to help those that are deserving.

An excellent example of her self-less nature and generous spirit was she when she called me following the Christchurch Earthquake in February 2011. She asked me how she could utilise the skills she has to assist those in need. I explained to her that there could be an opportunity to come to Christchurch and provide support to those that were badly shaken and suffering stress related illness.  In a flash Kim got on a plane and came to Christchurch and spent quite a bit of time helping those in need. One of these people, Christine, worked in the area of busines I do, and she showed a marked improvement, she was able to come back to work and gave glowing praise regarding the support she had from Kim.
The above is no surprise to me, Kim is an absolute gift and I know through the values and qualities she has is an awesome asset. If only she lived in Christchurch I would get her into the business I manage.
David Ferkatovich
Enterprise Sales Manager
Gen-I  Christchurch

Kims life coaching training brings another dimension for helping people. I worked with Kim for three months and in that time gained a whole new perspective on what I want to achieve in life> Kim is an inspirational, talented life coach who uses her incredible intuition and listening skills to bring the best out in people.
Kylie, Australia

We have been working with Kim to find our first family home, she has been such a great help, helping me realise that we can make this dream happen. She is very approachable and is always there when we needed her. 
Diane, Hawkes Bay

Kims enthusiasm has been infectious from the start. She works with awareness, commitment and integrity. I can always count on Kim to be supportive and positive as my mentor as she has proven to be a great asset on my journey.
Perry,  Auckland

I have know Kim for a little over a year in her capacity as my Coaching Mentor. I am an in-service Teacher Educator, a role I have filled for seven years, initially with Team Solutions and more recently as an independent contractor under the University of Auckland. Kim's knowledge and skills in relation to learning are backed by years of experience with people through her coaching role. Kim's extensive experience and understanding of the process of goal setting and focussed action has the potential to significantly boost learning outcomes for students.    
Michele,  Whangarei

Kim has helped us out at school with goal setting, working with students to set realistic and achievable goals. Kim was well liked by the students and is happy to partake in games of basketball and goal shooting during breaks.
Carmen, Auckland

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