Sunday 12 April 2015

Perception - How do you percieve life to be ?

Life can be a bit of a roller coaster at times, and learning to take the good with the bad can be quite a skill.  Some people can take knock after knock and still come up smiling, while others take every knock really hard. 

A good thing to look at is our perception of life.  If we perceive life to be hard and a struggle, if often can be.  There are many people out there who struggle all the time, but will readily have a smile on their faces and offer a helping hand even though they are struggling.

Perception is key.  How do you perceive life?  If we believe that we are hard done by, then every event that comes along will play to that perception.  If we believe life is good, then often it will seem much better.

We often hear people talking about the power of positive thinking, but does it really work?
Things will happen in life to all of us, good and bad.  It is how we handle these situations that matters.  If we get into the mind set of “here we go again”, then you have already framed up in your head, that its another problem to put on the mountain of other problems you already have.
If you can hold a believe that you can manage anything coming along, then you will feel much better.

The reality is, life deals blows to all of us.  If we have unresolved things going on, and if they are taking up your head space, its a really good idea to try and sort something out so you have peace in your mind.  Otherwise any other issues incoming will mount on top.  Its like not doing the washing, day after day, you pile clothes up to be washed, if you don’t start sorting the washing out, you will end up with no clothes to wear.  Same thing, if you don’t sort through issues bothering you, then issues will mount up on top of you until you feel like you have no more resources to cope.

A great idea is to sit down and list the things that are bothering you, and take action, what do you need to do to resolve these things? Sometimes we cant resolve things, so learning acceptance is another great skill. 

If something is bothering you and someone else around you has been through similar, ask then for some tips on getting over the issue. There are many resources in the community that would help you out too.  Reading self help books is a great idea, as just one of the suggestions in the book might resonate with you, and you might learn something new. Check out workshops in your area and the internet can be a great source of powerful learning.

Years ago, I was a volunteer at Wilson Home for Crippled Children.  I was a teenager myself at the time.  My friend who I visited for years became ill quickly and then died, then a week later, his room mate  died and then a couple of weeks later their other friend died. These kids taught me not to take life to seriously.  These kids could laugh and make light of the world even though they were living on borrowed time and in wheel chairs.  My perception of life changed all those years ago, and I have never forgotten that experience.  Some times we get caught up in the little stuff and we allow it to fill our heads and it can leave us feeling negative.

To have gratitude for all you have now, and an acceptance of those things you simply cannot change, can go a long way to dropping stress levels.

Kim McNamara

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