Sunday 21 June 2015

Positives and Negatives

As we all know in life, to every down is an up and to every negative there lies a positive.

To hold a positive attitude on life, can hold huge benefits for your well being, and the same can be said that by holding negative attitudes can make us feel terrible and can create illnesses for us.

Some people tend to get in that cycle of being negative, and getting critical of those around them for no better benefit that to make themselves feel better.  It is hard work when you are on the end of these people, but really the best idea is to distant yourself away from them. They will probably run themselves into the ground unfortunately.

Sometimes it is worth having a distance and surrounding yourself instead with like minded people. You  know those people, the ones who stand proud, who wave out to you, who are pleased to see you, who have a smile on their face and who love to find out how you are and how things are going for you.

Those people uplift you, leave the negative people to do their thing, they will attract to each other, so become conscious about making your circle that you choose to spend the most time in, with those who inspire and uplift you and share the same values.

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  1. OOOhh yes!!! SO SO important for health and well-being to be able to "let go" of the negative influences that come into one's life.

    A well talked about topic Kim... not easy to do for some... great that you have raised it again here.

    I just love reading your stuff. So motivating. Thanks, Geoff