Tuesday 5 April 2016

Posiive Influences

Positive Influences are so important in life.

I strongly believe in the saying that it is easier to build strong children than fix broken adults.

There is always a point of choice between being negative and positive.

We all have different perceptions of incoming events that are unfolding around us.  How we react to them is key.

Our values and morals will have a direct impact on our reaction.  If something happens and it breaches our values system, we will have quiet a reaction. 

Our values are our soul, our values are what makes us who we are, our values are what defines us.

If our values are breached then our reaction can be very strong.

Being around negativity can have a lasting impact, so how much we allow ourselves to be around is important to monitor.

Negativity can be linked to illnesses, depression and sleeping issues.

On the flip side, to be positive and be around like minded positive people, you can feel empowered, uplifted and feel like you can take on a lot.

If you have an empowering workplace and boss, you don't mind going the extra mile. 

Having a positive nature also has a good spin off health wise.  Research has shown that people who are of a positive disposition will often be happier, healthier and have good sleep patterns. This becomes a positive cycle, and becomes a win win situation for everyone.

One of the easiest ways to change your negative reactions is, to often think about the good things you have going on and secondly, catch yourself out when you hear yourself being negative.  The mind can be retrained, because remember we, ourselves have trained our mind to be the way it is.

Kim McNamara

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