Sunday 21 August 2016

Soul Food

So what is Soul Food?

And why do we need it?

We are all  unique as we all have different parents, upbringing, significant people around us, significant events and so on.

But as much as we are all so unique, we all have some very basic needs as humans. 

The obvious being, warmth, food, shelter, love and a sense of belonging.

Sometimes we forget about our very souls.

Who are we?

Sometimes we can go our whole lives wondering this very question.

Our souls are our very being, what does it take to make our heart sing?  What are our values and what is it we need to do to feel happy?

Soul Food is something we can do to nourish our being, to nourish what we are at our core.

Often soul food is simple things, like nature.

A walk on the beach, a walk in the bush, feeling the sand under our feet, feeling the sun on our skin, looking up and the stars, smelling the flowers and fragrances around us, it could be music....

What is your soul food?

And how will you get your taste of soul food today?

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