Saturday 14 November 2020

Conscious and Sustainable living workshop - complimentary

Just chuck the rubbish out the window of the car, no one will see,

I remember being a teenager and this was the mentality,

who cares? someone will pick it up.

30 years on and

our world is in crisis.

The amount of rubbish we create in the world is out of control.

Our family are often at the beach picking up other peoples rubbish now, or doing road side clean-ups on our rural roads.
We live at the beach, the rubbish blows off the wharf and into the sea. It makes me feel sick to think what we are collectively doing to this world, and we have all had a part in it in some way.

Imagine if our children can't have the life we've have? Imagine they can't swim in the ocean, already we see so many polluted waterways. I was just at a child hood family favourite beach a few days ago, I was horrified, a sign up to show you the app to download to see if it is safe to swim there. So many awesome childhood memories at that beach and now I need an app to see if it is safe to swim? If it the app says it is not, then if my family swim, we will probably get sick.

Time for action is now.

I am super proud to announce an amazing 4 day complimentary workshop that is coming up. Come and join me.

The conscious and sustainable living workshop.

How can we all move to have a more eco friendly planet?

There are four super parts to this online workshop, you can watch it live every day or catch it on the reply. Less than an hour a day for four days.

Day 1 - How to reduce our footprint, 3 basic steps
Day 2 - How to reduce chemicals in your home
Day 3 - How to become sustainable long term
Day 4 - The value of water

Click on the link below

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Conscious and Sustainable living workshop

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