Saturday 14 August 2021

Calling all coaches and wellness leaders ...

This might be the most exciting thing you have read for a while.
So many myths are surrounding those being coaches and healers.
I was stuck in the mentality that to be a great coach/healer
I needed to be one on one with clients all the time.
If I do the math, seriously how many people can I see in a week.
For me the numbers didn't stack up, I wanted to talk to more people,
coach and help more people, empower more people.
Also for me, I need to be empowered myself, super passionate about
what I am doing and how I am doing it.
Maybe this might resonate, maybe the feeling of working hard all the time,
trading time for money, feeling exhausted yourself, but seeing that bigger
picture in the world, of those people that need the magic of coaches and
healers helping them, we are risking burn out, simply because we are drawn to help others.
Join me for this sensational workshop to show coaches/healers another way of
* working with more people
*spending less time doing it
*using the magic and life experiences we have to help others
*having work life balance on own our terms
*all this while helping so many more people.
I worked hard, traded time for money, then I found an amazing way of
doing things differently.
I want to share with you,
A complementary online workshop.

I want to help much more, and I can, and I know I can impact many more
people, and if this resonates with you, so could you.

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