Tuesday 7 February 2023

Past trauma to power - use past experiences to create your own brand

 In the last week, I have had huge conversations with people about past trauma, and how it holds us back. Also intergenerational trauma, how those beliefs and cycles continue.  These conversations were coming up around how I was lucky to be able to be at home and work from home and how they possibly couldn't do what I was doing.  NEWSFLASH - I am just like you ...

What if we flip that thought and believed that our past trauma is our power. Those lessons learned when we were down so low, are the lessons that uplevel us in our lives. They are the lessons that empower and make us so strong that when we find our way, watch out, we are unstoppable.

That trauma is power. Harness the power. Let it propel you to your dreams and goals.

You can be the one to stop the power of negative intergenerational belief patterns and build new ways to empower those behind you.

There are simple ways to find ways of working at home, and also there are amazing platforms that you can join that surround you in positive powered people who are there to support, empower you to become your potential, yes that really does exist. How do I know,? I belong to one of those platforms, being in that sort of circle is powerful and you are able to flourish and that is one of lifes birthrights x

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