Tuesday 22 August 2023

You are your biggest investment

This picture is going back about 3 years. We had had the most amazing holiday away up North. Family, friends, sun, swimming, great food and lots of laughs.

Wasn't too long after and covid hit our shores and NZ shut the borders and locked us down.

I was amazed and somewhat reflected on listening to stories from my mum and dad about the war and the depression and couldn't help but think our family was now living through unusual times.

We had always been a resourceful family. I always had my contracts for coaching and teaching... but all of a sudden you think is plan B going to be effective. 

All those things that were the norm for us to go to ... cafes, restaurants, travel accommodation... all shut down.

I remember feeling slightly nervous. I thought I need to look at other ways of being independent and create sideline ways to increase our earnings.

That's when I came across a Masterclass.  In this Masterclass I realised there was a whole other way of doing of business.

I made an investment in myself and never looked back.

After watching the Masterclass I delved more into the opportunity and I would have to say 3 years later it has changed my life. 

Every now and then an opportunity comes your way ... and that opportunity could open up a whole new world of possibilities that you didn't even know existed.

On the 28th & 29th Sept, there's another epic Masterclass coming up. One just like I saw. The 2 day "Money on Tap" Masterclass is a next level presentation that's not to be missed. 90 minutes each day could change the trajectory of your life. 

I have a plan now that inspires me, motivates me and I jump out of bed excited to start my days.

Maybe this resonates?

If so ... join me.

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