Tuesday 12 September 2023

You are your super power

 Running an extremely low self esteem was a daily part of my life through my teenage years, right through to motherhood.  

You don't know what you don't know …right?

Having low self esteem really did stop me trying new things, see opportunities and held me in a fixed mindset of scarcity and lack.

I used to look at others and believe they were lucky and they were  just that person who had things work out for them.

On the outside I probably looked like I had it together, but internally life was different.

It was in my mid 20’s when life took a few turns, reality showed up and made me face some stuff I didn't want to.

From that I found a voice, a voice that grew and will never be silenced again.

People often say to me, you are lucky, you do such amazing work  and have an amazing life.

Yes, I do.  But that has been so many years in creation.  There was that stage where I found my voice and decided I was going to do life my way.

I busted through beliefs that didn’t serve me, I chose the people that I surround myself with and made a choice to live more consciously.  I found personal development and enrolled myself in every course I could.

I had always felt I had been going against the grain in life, there was no flow or ease, I felt like I was doing it the hard way.  Through many years of personal development I learnt that this was not just “my lot” or what I deserved, this was the patterning I believed to be true about myself.

Life is short, you get one shot, time to show up being authentically you,  you are worthy and capable of anything you desire,  just like I was. I discovered that each of us have a very important purpose here on earth, a soul contract.

You are your super power. 

I would love to know what your soul contract is here on earth, what is your purpose, your passion?

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