Sunday 21 December 2014

Make your Christmas less Stressful

December is well and truly here, but don't stress. As we come to the end of the year it is a good time to reflect.  How has the year been for you?  What have you enjoyed in the year?  What could you do different next year?  Start thinking about some goals for next year.   What would you like to achieve in 2015?

Christmas is nearly here and it tends to bring a lot of stress to many people.  There are many situations that can be stressful, but really it can come down to perception. 

Keeping up with the Jones is not a great idea around Christmas.  Christmas and the festive holidays are really about enjoying family and friends company and enjoying good times with them.  That can't be measured by money or the size of a present.  A well thought out present doesn't need to cost the earth, and the thought really does count. Christmas isn't a time to put yourself in debt that will carry over to the next year.  All that will do is cause you worry and it becomes short lived happiness. Make a present or buy a group present.

We all enjoy having all the best food and drink around us, but live according to your budget and do a bit of planning before you shop.  Again you can get savvy and have gorgeous meals.  You can make your own decorations for the table, just google some great craft sites. Ask people to bring a plate, most people will be more than happy to.

The season really is about family and friends. Remember to stop and enjoy the moment, don't get so caught up in organising that you miss those awesome memories being made.

If you are on your own around Christmas, see if you can join a group of other people around you. There will be others wanting to get together.

Best Wishes for the Festive Season,
Wishing happiness, fun, laughter and great memories.
Kim and Family

Kim McNamara

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