Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Power of Positive People

Why is it some people can be positive no matter what, and some people can be negative no matter what. What makes us so different? What makes people who can seem like they are in a very similar situation react so differently? It is all about perception

Just because we are a negative person doesnt mean we need to be a negative all of our lives, it means that if we want to change, we need to change our  mind set. 

So what is a mind set? A mind set is the way our mind is set. It is an automatic response. Those who choose to be negative will choose a negative reaction to what ever is around them, likewise those who choose to be positive will have a positive reaction to what is incoming. Some would argue that it isnt a choice to be negative and that I dont understand their situation. All of us have things to deal with in our lives some pleasant and some are not. Our reaction to incoming stress is the key.

Negativity breeds negativity. Normally negative people will surround themselves with negative people, as they are doing life in the same way. If you were a super negative person, being around a super positive person would drive you up the wall. So we tend to stay in the circle of people who do live the same way we do. 

Want a change? then choose to do it differently. By choosing, I mean making a conscious effort to do things differently. It might take some time to be positive or try and find a positive side to things, but it is worth the effort. Many studies have shown that a positive mind set is good for the mind and body. A negative mind set will drive you into the ground, if everything is always doom and gloom, the onset of depression wont be too far away, and why live with such a loss of enjoyment of life.

I believe it is a birth right for people to be happy and positive.  If we live with this thought, then we automatically look for positive things, we are drawn to what we believe.  It is like when we get a new car, we notice how many other people have the same type of car like ours, we are purposely looking out and noticing the same cars, likewise we can purposely notice and look out to see the positive side in things. If you are feeling stuck and have a friend who can put a positive spin on things, ask them there thoughts on a current situation, sometimes a situation can look, feel and seem different if it is framed in a different way, and often another person can point that out to us because we are locked in automatic pilot

Positive attitude breeds happiness, good things will flow on, people will love to be around you, you will be uplifting, you will look and feel great, and in that mind set anything is possible.

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