Monday 12 October 2015

Work/Life Balance

It is hard for some of us these days to get a good work/life balance.

How do you juggle all the things you need to do, in the time you have?

Life is busy, but does it need to be as busy as we are making it?

Are all the things on your "To do list" actually things that need to be done, or could some of them just be your personality type or programming, telling you that you MUST do all these things.

We can all get caught up in life and get caught up being busy.

A useful exercise is to write down where all your times goes.  Just keep a note for a week or so, and see where you times goes.

Then think about your values and what is important to you.  More than likely there will be things on your list that you need to do, and things that you probably might not need to do or you can delegate.

Think carefully about your list.  The great thing about making a list is you actually see where your times goes.  Time is one of those things that we can waste away and if we do not use our time efficiently, we end up robbing ourselves of quality time to do the things we really want to and the things that are important to us.

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