Monday 21 September 2015

Success, What is it ?

The world "Success" gets thrown around a lot.

What is success?

Have you ever stopped to think about your own meaning of Success?

We can get badgered by subliminal advertising which is telling us what we need to do and own to be successful.  But by who's standards?

Our own personal success needs to be inline with our values.  If we don't honour our values, then goals and ambitions we have will be bitter sweet when we achieve them.

Our values are our true self.  If we listen to what others perceive as successful, it might not be in line with our personal/ family values.

Set your goals according to your values, believe you already are successful and life will become a lot more simple.

Forget what the Jones are up to next door or down the road, and live according to your values and your ambitions.

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