Monday 20 February 2017

Dream Boards

Dream Boards

Have you ever thought about what you want in the future?

Have you ever let your mind just wander unfiltered?

Have you ever dared to just imagine you were capable of anything?

Dream Boards allow you to do that.

Grab yourself a piece of cardboard that you like the colour of.
Have a whole array of magazines, articles, flyers, holiday brochures, house brochures, in fact anything that you can google that would inspire you to the future.

Cut these items out.

Remember to make up and print, or cut out inspiring words.

Dream Boards are personal to you, they are your dreams, no one elses, so no one else has a say in what goes on your dream board.

Dream Boards are wonderful for kids to make, try not to guide a child to your desired outcome, instead let them dream their dream.

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