Sunday 24 June 2018


I am lucky enough to be working in the community with some amazing people who are passionate about raising awareness and helping children, parents and families
that are affected by Fetal Alcohol Disorder Syndrome (FASD).
We are aware that their might be many children out there struggling with this disorder and some undiagnosed.
Our aim is to dispell the myth that a mother needs to drink excessively while pregnant for this disorder to happen. 

A few drinks at a certain stage of pregnancy is enough is cause brain damage. 

Our group is positive and  upbeat. 

We brainstormed some tips for dealing with some behaviours that FASD will present. 

These include;

one instruction at a time, 
they will be impulsive,
at times lack judgement, 
if you want an FASD child to feel calm, then make sure there is not too much stimulus,
they will often forget as their short-term memory is not great, 
this can also make learning difficult, 
behaviour might be right up there, but try and be calm and talk quietly,
let the small stuff go, as there will probably be bigger stuff to deal with it and 
FASD children will often act first, and process later. 

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Proudly supporting FAZED-INN
a program to teach and inspire those affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

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