Thursday 8 August 2019

Personal Development workshop

Well. that is another personal development workshop done and dusted. Eight weeks working with lovely people who are happy to learn new things.

We covered things like,

values, the conscious and unconscious mind, drivers, strategies, sabotage patterns, time management, stress management, effective communication, effective decision making, emotional intelligence, working in our circle of excellence, self esteem, self limiting beliefs, how we move back and forth along the life cycle depending on what is going on, how we become what is around us, how those significant people around us have such an input into our early lives whether it be good or bad and new strategies on how to rerun our days in our mind building extra resources to be able to react differently next time.

A whirlwind of a course, with lots of info,

Thanks to those who participated, it adds to my learning.

Go well,

Kim and team

Motivation to Succeed Coach

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Skype - kim.motv8n
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