Friday 17 July 2020

Permission to leave the comfort zone

What amazing memories of a trip to see family when I was five years old.

It made me question if I was scared to go up the slide. From memory I was to start with but then mum said I would be OK so off I went.

It is funny what scares us and what doesn't.

How a significant person made the decision that it was safe, so I trusted and off I went, one handed even, carrying a ball in the other hand.

What if the message had been, no that is too high.

I would have missed that experience.

It is the same in life in general.

We are constantly sifting through incoming data in our brains, and doing risk analysis.

This is a great thing as it keeps us safe.

What happens if all our learning sits outside our comfort zone and we miss different opportunities because of the perceived risk?

What happens if all our learning sits outside our comfort zone?

What if we were the person who sat their thinking everyone else had all the fun, the luck, the opportunities?

What if we decided today that we were going to go out of our comfort zone?

More than likely we would experience something totally new, new learnings and new experience.

I was offered a huge new experience, and I retreated back into my shell going hell no, but then I remembered that I already knew what I knew, I had already experienced those things, nothing new to report !!

Then I decided I would push myself, have something new to report, extend my comfort zone and 


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