Friday 3 July 2020

When is work not work?

Yesterday I went fishing with friends, something I love to do, I call it work.

Why do I call it work?

Because for me it is a time to relax, a time to unwind, a time to ground.

From that space, I can see things for what they are, and become very creative.

I have had a time when I didn't feel creative, in my 9-5 job.

Go to work, clock in, do the work, make someone else a whole load of money, put up with crap, get overworked, come home, try to unwind, only do it all the next day.

What I learned was the more time I allowed myself to be creative, the more time I had to come up with different ideas and how I could create a different income and a different lifestyle.

Over lockdown I looked hard for different things to get into, different ways of earning a buck.

In my search I found the most amazing community of like minded people. Those five people you spend the most time with who influence you, well I found hundreds. Grateful is not even a big enough word to explain how I feel.

Friends have said to me, how do you stay so high energy, how do you stay so grounded? how can you go fishing mid week, how is it I see you at cafes during the week enjoying time with your friends when you should be working?

Working, does it have to be hard, does it have to be long, like, who made those rules?

I found a platform that offered me top training to be my best more often, I have learned so many personal and business skills. When you are top of your game, things take less time.

If you are looking for doing things a different way, Email me today, and lets see if this could work for you too.

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