Tuesday 14 November 2023

It's not about luck

An interesting conversation on the weekend. Someone said, how is it you are so lucky? you get the contracts you want? you get the lifestyle you want? You have such a spring in your step and have such a glow, really in flow with life.  You are so lucky.

Wow, maybe there is a little luck, but there is a power house of internal work and conscious planning, future pacing, making no excuses, going all out, out my comfort zone and straight out believing there is a great lifestyle out there for all us. 

There is also a bigger power at play.  What is your souls mission on earth?

When we know what our calling is and we are working in that field, work isn't like work anymore ... everyday there is a spring in your step.

I feel so passionately about this ... success isn't just for them, it is for all of us. Tapping into that universal calling and blueprint allows us grow beyond our wildest dreams and things automatically fall into place.

Maybe you are at the cross roads where you think you deserve the best, deserve a life of freedom from self limiting beliefs that keep us believing in ceilings in life.  

Just know there's another way. The possibilities are only limited by our belief system.

Have a super day.

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