Monday 17 November 2014

A very warm welcome to You...

I am in the process of putting this website together to share many things that you may find interesting, and perhaps helpful to you.

The site is in initial stages of construction, however my hope is it will develop quickly.

   - You will find information about many of my Workshops on the Workshop Page

   - There is a page dedicated to NLP, and a page explaining how Hypnotherapy can be helpful also.

   - And there is a page dedicated to all those wonderful people I have come into contact with and have been so kind and appraising with their Testimonials. Thank you.

   - I have also dedicated a page to Inspirational Quotes, where you can choose one that fits with you right now... and take it with you for the day, or week. These can be extremely empowering in motivating you towards Life Success

I have also created a Contact Form, where you can provide any feedback, or perhaps would like to seek more assistance.

I also welcome any Comments on any of my pages. I would love to have your input, and create discussion around your input. Your comments will help me to improve the website, and your engagement will help others become motivated to succeed also.

I will endeavour to reply to all of your comments as time (and my internet connection out here) permit.

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

Kim McNamara
"Life Coaching"
"Success Coaching"
"Motivation to Succeed Coaching"


  1. Well done Kim McNamara

    You are a wonderful Life Success Coach for me.
    I look forward to following your new website


  2. Thank you Geoff, I enjoy what I do, and love seeing people get the best from themselves.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Heidi,

      Love my work, and love that there is now a website for people to share my passion of Life Coaching and NLP.