Monday 24 November 2014

The WOW Factor

Lets talk about the WOW Factor.

Have you ever noticed that some people just tend to have the whole package.
There is something about them that people just love, and people gravitate towards  them.

So what is it?

It is not based on looks, clothes, any personal accessory or material possessions.

It is because they know the secret in life of how to live by their true values.  People with the WOW factor, generally have a smile on their face, and they have an inviting personality.  They have the personality that is interested in You.. and treats You like you are important.  These people share a genuine interest in the people they are around, and love to hear Your news.  They are not so caught up in themselves that You cannot get a word in edgeways.

So how do they do it?
It is very simple.  People with the  WOW factor are happy in life.  They are internally happy with themselves and what is around them.  They live according to their values.  Whatever they believe to be true, they live by, and don’t ever disregard their values and morals for anybody or any situation.  They hold their values in high regard.

When we are aware of our values and live by them, we have a deep sense of belonging and knowing how to handle ourselves.  We don’t go from situation to situation trying to figure out what to do.  People with high values will have a high regard for others and therefore automatically attract good people back into their circle.  Like attracts like.  If you want a positive and happy life, you have to be the positive and happy person, not waiting for it all to come to you.  If you live by your values and morals, you have a good sense of justice in yourself, and because of this you are firmly grounded in what you expect in life and from others.

If you come across people who are wanting to treat you badly, or rip you off, you will automatically move out of the circle of those people and probably keep them far away. They don’t serve you and if you don’t come down to their standards, you wont serve them either. And so the process of attracting and detracting goes on.

The person with the WOW factor lives by their morals and values, and does not sell out on them for no body and for nothing.  They are firmly grounded in the world and they don’t lose endless energy going over and over situations. They know how to handle it and then move on.  Because they are so firmly grounded in the world and don’t second guess themselves, they have an endless energy and they have a great self esteem and this is what shines when you met them.

We all have the WOW Factor in us...

.... it is about living true to ourselves, nurturing our self esteem

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

Kim McNamara


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    1. Thanks Heidi, a great reminder to all of us that we have the WOW factor.