Monday 31 August 2015


Have you ever been in one of those situations when change is about to happen?

It can feel exciting, it can feel scary.

Whatever our perspective on the change, will be why we see it as a positive or a negative.

Change is an exciting time, it is a time for new growth, new adventures and a different way of doing things. While we can get caught up wanting to stay doing what we have always done, there isn't very much growth there.

Have you ever been on holiday, and experienced such rich experiences, you come home, you tell you friends and family all about it, and then after you come of your "holiday high" you realise everything is just as it was before you went.

With those thoughts in your mind, change can be the exciting and positive experience waiting for you.

What will you learn?  Who will you meet?  What rich life experiences might come of this experience.

Go for it ....

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