Thursday 22 February 2018


Grief is one of those emotions many of us have felt.

We are all human, we all can suffer loss.  There are two types of grief, the grief of losing a person to death, and then there is the other type of grief. Grief over something that has been lost, for example, the loss of your job, status, relationship, opportunity, living through a situation that robs you of a normal life like abuse, accidents, losing limbs, being in foster care and many more situations.

When someone dies, there is an obvious event that causes sadness and someone passes. There are ceremonies performed to acknowledge the grief, it is very open grief.

Then there is other grief, this isn't always noticed by others, you might not get a promotion you have worked at for years, you might have lost a relationship, had a break up with a friend, fallen ill and missed out on things you wanted to do, might be forced to live somewhere you don't want too, lost a limb due to illness or accident. Some of these things can happen to us but others don't always recognise the impact that that incident has on you and the grief that you might feel, the feeling of being ripped off about a situation.

Grief is grief and it needs to run its course, but first needs to be recognised especially the second type of grief. There are stages of grief and each person experiences those stages differently.

Make sure you have someone around you that will listen to you, have a support team and know that in time you will move past the initial shock around grief. Be kind to yourself. Ask for help if you need it. Sometimes people aren't aware of how something might be affecting you.

On the other side, maybe someone you know might be suffering quietly of grief. Maybe they might just need you to check in with them and see if they are alright and if you can help in any way.

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