Saturday 10 March 2018

Mentoring with Romina Lelo from Lelo and Stitch

Every six months I choose a new person to work with who wants to set up their own business. The criteria for mentoring them is that they need to be passionate about their new business venture.

Part of my business is to always give back to the community. One of those things was giving away a swimming pass for a child to learn swimming. Romina was nominated many times to receive this by many different people and won, so we set up a date to meet.

When you first met Romina you can see she is passionate about life, she has a zest for life and wants to make a difference.

As we chatted over coffee, Romina told me about her life and it was quite a story.  She is a survivor of brain surgery, had to learn to walk, eat and write again at 14 years old. While most kids are out enjoying the best years of their life, Romina had to face this horrendous journey. As she speaks she is quietly a huge survivor.

Life went on and Romina married her soul mate and has two beautiful children, who have both come with their challenges medically, pushing Romina's young family to the limits. But what comes through is she is such a survivor. She is driving to live her passion and to do it with the family that she values so much.

One of Romina's dreams was to push past those challenges, those past memories and put herself out there with a business she has been wanting to do for a long time. Slowly gathering strength, Romina has now launched her first business. Knowing her passion over the past year, this is just the beginning of many things. Through Romina's experiences in life, she is determined to share her story with others, empowering others. I truly believe this is just the beginning.

One thing Romina knew was to have a great support team around her. People who wanted to see her succeed, her family backing her, her own belief system backing her now, and significant people that will encourage her to keep going to the next level.

Take a look at her gorgeous business venture, nappy cakes, just the beginning...

Phone/Text  027 978 5970

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Skype - kim.motv8n

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