Monday 12 March 2018

Trauma and moving on

Trauma can happen to any of us at any time. Trauma is the result of an extremely distressing event happening to us or around us.

The same trauma can happen to different people and there can be very different responses.

Trauma can be one event, or it can be ongoing events.

As trauma is caused by a very distressing event, the memories coded from that event are fully represented through all our senses.  Some senses will remember that trauma more than others.

Trauma has a way of being triggered. you may feel that you have got over a traumatic event that has happened, but a certain sound, smell, something you see, something you feel, can trigger that traumatic event like it was just happening.

When events happen to us in life, there are usually learnings we take away, things we know we will do, or we won't do, sometimes we find a lesson in the learning, sometimes we have just been caught up in a terrible event.

If we learn to manage our traumatic experience, we can then use that to become a strength to help us against any future negative experience.

As with any negative experience, the strategies we learn from coping, the strength we draw from those experiences can be used as a positive force to motivate us forward in our day to day life.

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