Monday 8 June 2020

Are you financially OK ?

It is not always easy to be POSITIVE, especially when you’re running your own small business.

Things happening around you that really do affect the way you feel.

I know for sure, that when we went into lockdown, I started to question myself on how well we were set up as a family.

I felt that panic in my gut and wondered if I was the only one feeling this way. 

I have often heard that we become the same as the five people we hang around with most.

I started to ask myself who are my five people?

Are they the type of people who will raise me to my highest level?

I realised I needed to add to my people if I was going to survive this lockdown.

So this is what I did.

I looked at people I followed on social media, looked at different groups to find the support I needed.
I came across this amazing platform. 

The community I aligned to on this platform started to inspire me, uplift me, and guided me to show up as the best version of myself.

It’s like they were truly speaking my soul language without any ego or I’m better than you stuff.

This so important to me, because It allows me to just be me so I can give my best service to the people I’m coaching.

Which in turns helps them to make lifechanging and rewarding decisions in their own lives.

It’s been amazing finding my 5 new people actually, I found over 4,000 likeminded people.

It has not only helped me come out of lockdown stronger it has me inspired to take even more action on my mission of helping others.

It’s also given me a new skill set to add to what I’m currently doing.

For a business to grow and make real change in the world being able to learn new skill sets is crucial, it’s what has clients coming back.

I’ve had such amazing learnings since joining this platform. 

Actually it has been a great reminder of what I already knew.

I’ve had so massive personal growth too.

The icing on the cake is I’ve now also started up two new online businesses thanks to the easy step by step training provided and the high converting offers this platform has access too.

So my question to you is, did you feel like I did at the beginning of lockdown? 

Questioning yourself are we set up to get through this?

Has that feeling gone? 

If not maybe this platform is the way you too can take back some control and find your 5 people.

Email me if you would like to check out a short video that gives you an overview of everything.

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