Wednesday 3 June 2020

How does your belief system drive you?

Such a stunning morning,

and here I sit with a head cold,

so why I am so happy about that?

Years ago I would have felt sorry for myself,

but I know that we can create illness in our own bodies,

head colds often are a reflection of mental confusion,

so you might wonder why I would be mentally confused,
so let me explain,

we hold our belief system in our unconsciousness mind,

and for most of the day we run on automatic pilot,

sometimes we are pushed to revisit our belief system,
sometimes that might be pushed upon us as a learning,

sometimes it is a willing conscious decision to change,

change a belief system that no longer fits,

a belief system that no longer serves us as we move forward to be our best self more often,

and that is my choice,

once again, there was a belief that no longer served me, 

so I made a conscious decision to change it,

and my mind and body goes, hey what are you doing, we don't like change, we like same ole same ole,

so as I changed my belief, then came the cold,

and I celebrate, because I know I just nailed shifting a self limiting belief.

So I am grateful for my head cold.

And if you would like to break any old patterns, reoccurring cycles, reach out,

it is my passion to see people live their best life.

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