Thursday 17 September 2020

Time Lines - can they affect you?

Hey Mammas,
I would love to tell you about the day I walked my time line.
Trust me it was pretty hard.
There are parts of my time line that were dark and dreary.
About 15 years ago I first walked my timeline, it was a little frightening, the good parts were good, but the bad parts were bad.
Even though it wasn't nice going through the bad parts, it was very empowering having gone back to explore stuff. 
I remember walking my timeline and coming up to almost the biggest brick wall I could find, it would have been easy to find the wall and turn around and come back to the present and never look back.  But I didn't want to. I went back to the present and then decided I would return another day to face the wall again.
As I delved into my timeline, I got triggered, and then questioned myself.
I thought I am creating a cycle of hardship for my family, but not dealing with this crap?
Each time I had walked my timeline it got easier.
First few times I walked it, it was the massive life experiences that stopped me, as I moved through that, over time it became easier.
One thing that I was missing was more people that understood my need to revisit the past, and deal with the stuff that was holding me back in my own life.
I knew past stuff was holding me back, and I knew that I was capable of more in life, and I knew that if I could take the cloud away I would achieve massive things. I also knew that my thought patterns were making me sick and causing unnecessary anxiety and fear.
Each time I tried to go the next level up in life, another cloud would come over, and again I knew it was time to clear some more.
I walk my time line weekly now, I revisit anything that needs to be dealt with. What I was missing was a like minded community of people around me, people who understood my plight, to help others, but I learnt that I had to help myself first.
Because of the massive support like minded people brought me, it filled me with good vibes, self esteem, full of a can do attitude.
Times can be tough, there is no doubt about it, but for me having had the support to clear the negative, created the space and freedom to do what I dream of everyday.

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