Friday 25 September 2020

High Profit, High Impact, Life on your own terms

I remember thinking it was hard work giving up that extra income while being home while raising kids. Frecking hard work.
It was one of those things that I had deep inside me that I wanted to stay at home with my children and be there for significant things.
There was that internal conflict of being at home but holding the family back financially.
I worked hard at home when I had time and started to build my business.
I did lots of one on one coaching when I could and also taught at night schools, I had a "Success coaching" classes for many years.
Then a light went on when technology got better, it became much easier to impact many more people through using technology.
It has become much easier now to live a passion and have a great figure result to go with it.
Now that my business has grown even more,  I needed to get things more automated, more streamlined, I got sick of trading time to make a living.
Lockdown was a blessing to me, as it gave me more time to work from home and stream line things, automate things, use technology to its best.
It also enabled me to open several on line enterprises.
My values are important so I was not going to give them up.
I want to have time to enjoy my family and the outdoors, my two passions.
What ever I chose needed to be time efficient, good for the planet and with a group of people on such a cool vibration that they love and uplift each other. I wasn't interested in any BS and competition.
Success is easy, but success in alignment to my values and having a tribe routing for me to do my best and expand out of my comfort zone is priceless.
If you are interested in a side hustle by,
Using a high profit,
high Impact item
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