Monday 28 September 2020

When we went into the first lockdown, I thought about how I would stay positive and focused on the things I wanted to do.
I decided to do an order online (as most of us did) and order a corflute and a cup that reminded me of things I needed to continue to do.
I thought about the words I needed to the corflute and came up with the below.
Dream - we all have a dream, right? so lets live it.
Believe - if we believe in ourselves, anything is possible
Succeed - if we dream and believe, then we will follow through and succeed.
Journaling, that important time of the day when you reflect and think.
Meditation - that time when we are just still and let our creative idea come through. The rest we all need.
Vibration - the reminder to watch my vibration and make sure I am around those amazing uplifting people.
Intention - something I set every day, what do I want to get out of my day, not just rolling through but a conscious intent.
Celebrate - the amazing time that I get to celebrate big and little wins, or just being.
Share the magic - my favourite, we all have magic inside us, we all have gifts to share, and by sharing our magic, we help others, we ignite them by leading by example, by shining our own light.
What is your magic?
Feel free to share x

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